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  1. looking to start growing my own to save money and i'm a complete noob so i'd like to get some ideas on a cheap way to get a good start. sounds counter-intuitive but you know what i mean. something less than 200 to start, already have seeds
  2. Paint your closet white, purchase 2 42w cfl 2700k, 2 23w 6500k, ( depending on how many plants, couple of lamps, some y spliters, some decent soil and nutrients, a pot and your good to go. Start your seedling with the 6500k and add your cfls as the plant matures so you get light everywere on the plant i like to mix 2700 and 6500 during both veg and flower.
  3. Closets can be hard to ventilate.

    Your best bet would be to search for one of the how to grow threads on here and get a basic idea of what the environmental needs will be for your grow.
  4. already know all the info on lights and shit, been reading on this for two months. was just looking for good ideas on soils to start with and a basic layout design for the lights for 3-6 girls
  5. Guess i read this wrong.
  6. $200? I'd recommend a 150 hps ($50), 4" fan ($40-50) 4" carbon filter ($50) bag of roots organic ($23) and a bag of Espoma tomato-tone ($7)... leaving you $30 for a pot or two, timer, ext cords, or whatever.

    Start one plant, don't overcrowd a cheap setup. The higher your lights, the less effective they are, so stick with one plant and keep your light as close as you can. Check out my 250w harvest, that was one plant. More plants doesn't always mean a bigger yield, sometimes less is more. :smoke:
  7. wanna stick with cfl's for heat issues, plus the ease of replacement
  8. im new to... beond new.. but man from what ive found.. find the extra loot... some how some way......i built up over time.. but cooled 1000hps( ebay 150 but around 500 new) 440 cfm fan (ebay 65 bucks equivelent to 200 dollar fan) ac pawn shop 50 bucks.. a couple 5 gallon buckets... yeist... yeist nutrient.... sugar ....i get close to optimum co2 ppm after the 3x5 room is sealed up for a few hours. P!H! meter and ppm...but im sure you know most of this shit...but them fermenting bucks fuckin rock when your poor..... im beond suprising myself for never doing this before. its gotta be them co2 buckets...

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