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Cheap DIY grow lights....

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by mutiny90, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Yoo what up, got lil :smoke:and had some fun lol... well first one i made in 5 minutes (going to use for clone box) and second about 7 minutes and i personaly use daily :)...

    the 5 minute one is one of those basic shop light reflector
    1.what i did was just cut it in half with some tin snips
    2. tape with a little bit of aluinum tape
    3. insert bulb
    and bamm... your done, just add a couple little chains and your set :D[​IMG]

    and my other one was (got this from a youtube vid... :))
    -half of ducting sheet (got at menards for like 3 bucks)
    -two light socket
    -and the cable (i got the 3 prong one for safety 3bucks)
    drilled a hole in the center and inserted the light socket... also drill two little holes on the sides for chains.
    connect the wiring and add chains....
    and your ready to go......... (^^^ this light setup in my tent was running 73.2degrees with only one fan :smoke:)
    any other ideas or anything would be sweet, just let me know...
  2. what's the wattage of those daylight CFLs? And please tell me I can find them in a hardware store.
  3. 68w and don't think so. Its a 6500k and most hardware stores usually only have 2700k cfl bulbs once they start hittin bigger watts... I got mine at a hydroponic store 35 bucks
  4. You can get a 68w 2700k at home depot right now for 15 bucks!! They are right in the regular lighting with the other lights and stand out like a sore thumb they are huge. O ya this is a sweet set up think I may give it a try now just to learn how to wire... Should be an adventure. Again killer set up!
  5. I'm pretty sure they have the 6500k too but in the outdoor lighting section, but I didn't venture that far.....
  6. Lowe's has a great selection of CFL bulbs. I recommend checking out their lighting section. A 65 watt softwhite CFL cost me $15. I was also able to find 200 watt daylight CFLs for about $12.
  7. 200W for $12? Lowes? you must live near a lot of indoor growers then. my local one only carried up to 26W last I checked.
  8. Mutiny- Thanks for posting this! i just put this together, super easy like you said(i have never done anything close to this, and did it alittle buzzed) . This is perfect for my closest that is 36in wide and 22in deep. i went with 4 42watt 2700k with the y adapter ofcourse.....well forgot that y adaptor but will get it tomorrow if its above 0 degrees....
    this is how mch it cost in northern michigan
    anyone like me who is doing a small personal medical grow this is perfect

    Dryer duct @ home depot $4.00
    8ft lamp cord @ home depot $6.00
    Dual socket lamp outlet @local hardware store$5.00(home depote and lowes did not have em')
    4 42watt(actual) $36 @ mierer
    2 y splitter that i will get tomorrow...maybe lol $3
    $54 / 168actual watts and should grow my 2 autos great in my little closet.

    People im tellin you this is simple and should be done if you are doing a closest cfl grow.
    Thanks man
  9. thanks for the links newbiegrowr. I found those 65W soft white ones too, but none in 6500K. I'm also working with a rubbermaid growbox, so i opted for a single 105W one off instead of two 60 something watts.
  10. Yea dude i would do jus one 100 watt over two, the two are good for like a 1ftx3ft area but a single one with a reflector would be perfect.... u can get the bulb and reflector for like 70 bucks on amazon lol
  11. Thanks for information about LED grow lights. LED grow lights produce very little heat, and therefore they create none of these problems.These lights will consume less electricity.
  12. thanks for the idea man. This is exactly what im going to build for my box.

  13. If you live near a Lowes check for 65w 6500k bulbs in the section where they sell work lights (tripod light setups for construction workers....those 500-1500w halogen rigs). They have 65w Lights Of America screw type bulb for $10. You may want to buy some sunglasses because it will snowblind you it's so bright close up. They only had 2 or 3 when I was there (doubting they sell very many). Seems they are used in commercial outdoor lights like the kind they would light up a sidewalk or wall sconce outside. Hope that helps!

  14. Im guessin that you plan on using this as reflector??? Nice approach my friend.:hello:
  15. Hey cool can you build me a light with 2 thousand watt hps'es and a metal trash can mcguiver
  16. Already got one in my rotating fogponics system haha ;)
  17. To OP thanx for the great idea with the duct work. This idea expanded my mind with potential.
  18. Wow great set up but why not add reflectors to it?

  19. i got those, sort of, they had 4100k at the highest but they require a fuckin ballast additionally,returned em sucks.... but i grabbed 2 of the tcp 4200 lumen 2700k for my flower box. hopefully thats a good start.

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