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Cheap but safe grinders?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Kalibaur, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. What would be my best bet for a cheap grinder? I'm not looking for something extravagant, just something that works for me.

    Edit- Online only, no headshop near me that id be able to get to.
  2. Shot glass and scissors = no paraphernalia
  3. no no... walk into walmart and buy a coffee grinder...

    you drop your weed in and tap a button and bam!... the perfect bowl
  4. Just buy a sharpstone or something like that. $10-20 shipped, you can't go wrong.
    ^What do you mean by safe? All grinders are "safe"..? (Metal shards?... don't worry about that unless your grinder is in horrible shape)


  5. I've found that little metal pieces get stuck in my bud when I grind up my material in my space case sometimes. I don't think that's safe, but I vaporize anyways so it doesn't get hot enough to vaporize the aluminum. :D
  6. Damn we got scooby doo and yoshi commenting in the same thread. This is my childhood.

    Uhh... OT.. If you're just looking for one "That Works" Just buy a new piece and they usually come with a free plastic grinder (Make sure it says it does). Better then spending $10 for one plus shipping and wasting $.
  7. buy one that makes kief. It will be worth the money and time.

    Any grinder 20 bucks should be good. I got mines from a gas station :smoke:
  8. Well I think grinders like this are the best: [​IMG]

    versus something like this: [​IMG]

    Because in the second image, the spikes really don't have any torque or strength against the weed (especially if it's not cured properly, happens a lot!), and they break off so easily. I used to have a plastic grinder like that and teeth broke into my weed. I was unhappy.

    The first grinder can pulverize your weed and it'll be healthy and safe to use. :D
  9. I wouldn't buy a grinder that doesn't collect keif. That is the biggest reason to use a grinder.

    You can do a fine job of grinding your bud in a plastic baggie.

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