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Cheap Bongs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PriMo XVII, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. fucking suck.

    Seriously, what the hell. I recently got back into smoking and didn't have much cash, but wanted something with water to smoke from, so I got one of those cheapo colored plastic tube bongs.

    I smoked out of that for like a week and a half and it burned like hell and was generally unpleasant and inconvenient to smoke from. The metal bowl that came with it was awkwardly shaped for smoking, and also hard to clean.

    Back when I used to smoke a lot, I had a little metal mini cigarette one hitter, I'm sure most, if not all of you, know what I'm talking about and have seen/used one. I remembered loving it, so I bought one again yesterday.

    It's small, convenient, easily maneuverable and concealable, but most importantly, it didn't fucking burn. At all. Which seems weird. Here I have a bong with a good 2-3oz of water in it, and when I smoke with it, it burns like hell. Then I have a ~2 inch piece of metal where it goes from flame to weed to smoke to mouth, with basically no room to cool down, and it hits like a freakin champ.

    So the moral of this blog/story, is don't buy those cheapass $10 bongs. They suck bung and are wastes of money. If you're poor, get a one hitter. If you're not poor, get a one hitter. If you smoke weed, get a one hitter. If you like to think smoking weed is cool but don't actually do it, get a one hitter. If you're reading this post, get a one hitter.
  2. how much was the bong
  3. you know what I did? I just bought the stem piece and the bowl for it at a smoke shop cuz i wanted to smoke in glass and i only had like 40$ so i bought it for like 10$ burned a hole ina water bottle and out it in there and its awesome lol...its like a bong exactly. and with the other 30$ i boguth an 8th for 25$ i live in cali of some dank purple nugs and with the spare 5$ i bought snacks haha
  4. Or you could just not waste your money on either one of those pieces of trash
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  5. I bought a pretty decent all glass piece off a friend for 25$, it has a perc and an ice catch. Although he bought it for 60$ at a headshop. It was a great deal. Don't mess with anything but glass and wood, its the only materials I'd ever smoke out of.
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