Cheap 400 watt HPS system (around $30)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Angeldust, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Im not sure if this is the right section for this but i guess thats ok. I know there are a bunch of growers on a limited budget but still want an HPS system. I bought this same set of items just a few weeks ago and it works great. All the parts are new too. I won mine for like $20 then add another $15 for shipping (got items in under a week).


    It does not come assembled but all you need is 10 or so wire nuts and an extension cord. Below is also a step by step guide to put it together, it is not from the same person selling the parts but the guide uses the EXACT same brand parts (ADVANCE). Also it comes with 4 voltage settings (120, 208, 240, and 277). Just thought I'd let everybody know. Hope this is not a bad way to make my first post?

  2. i thought about doing this, but i dont really ike the idea of building an electrical appliance that runs day in day out.

    because theyre on all the itme, its likely that if theres going to be a problem, it will happen. im just much happier knowing that my equipment is tested and approved by somebody and i can rely on it.
  3. yes i have seen these before.
    a good friend of mine just put one together, and they are well worth it if you are planning on building yourself a cab.
  4. excellent firsst post (y)
  5. Got to go with melon on this one. Unless you are damn sure of wht doing. but it looks like you got the necessary info. Let me know how it turns out, I may want to try something like that for my second room.;) thats a great price!
  6. That transformer looks ancient dude.
    But if it works $10 is a good deal anyhow.
  7. i WOULD RATHER GO WITH 90$ + accessories which would bring you too about 150-175 well worth the price
  8. This looks like a great site, how much did your shipping cost?
  9. I was gonna buy from them but then saw I could save $100 by just connecting a few wires, + i wanted a longer cord.
  10. Insidesun is all refurbished equiptment and from what i've heard- you get what you pay for.
  11. no not at all. i have been using my 400hps from inside sun for a while now.
    It is well worth the money.the only thing i would suggest is getting a good hortilux bulb for it.other than that, it is a great setup for the money.

    I pad with shipping and chains, $145.
    you cant beat that.
    especially that everything but the bulb comes with a warranty
  12. it DIY kits are great, as long as your comfortable doing wireing. even if your the slightest bit unsure, don't do it or you risk burning your house down. if you or someone you know is electrical savy, it's absolutley safe and a good value.
  13. I agree. But be real careful even if your comfortable, hook it up wrong and you could get a very big shock.

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