Chased be a fox.

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  1. So I smoked a bowl last night and went to walk my dog. I was walking her past a section of forest and I had my Ipod on. I heard these strange violent shrieks and I bugged out and took off my head phones and my dog started to bug out too. I look around and was like "What the fuck was that" to my dog. I start to walk away while watching my surroundings. I then saw an orange looking fuzzy outline that was the size of a medium sized dog. I started to walk away, and I noticed this thing was following me and my dog. I then booked it down my road as fast as I could til I got to my yard and I noticed this thing was still behing me and approaching so I ran to my garage door, opened it and ran in my house.
    This thing scared the shit outta me cause I had smoked a bowl 10 minutes prior and was paranoid as fuck.
  2. Dude its just a little fox.
  3. haha why would you be scared of a fox haha you had a dog with you that could of fucked it up.

    lol. facepalm.
  4. chased be a fox
  5. Chased be a fox ^^^^^^ lol just noticed that

    Ya the lil fox just wanted to be fwiends :rolleyes:
  6. haha, thats pretty hilarious.

    That's been happening around where i live. There have been several reports of people getting attacked by foxes while walking their dogs, or of dogs being harassed or even killed in their back yards.

    Should a fox ever try to pick on my two dogs, well, that'd be the mistake of his life.

    I just hope they would decimate the fox before either one of them gets bit.
  7. i saw a video of a guy getting attacked by a fox had to get rabies shots...

    so smart thinking op...
  8. foxes normaly dont do that (no shit right?)

    but it proly had rabies or some shit why else would it fucking follow you

    if people and their dogs are getting attacked by some foxes i think you should go hunting lol :D
  9. What kind of dog do you have? Wouldn't have your dog defended you if anything happened? Unless it's a poodle or something..
  10. You do realize that thing knows where you live now. You'll never be able to leave the safety of your home again. You're doomed.


  11. lmao:D
  12. It was PedoFox!

  13. why would u not be scasred of tht damn fox guys?do u realize that if i fox is anywhere near you and you can see it it most likely has rabies and thats nothing to fuck with trustt me
  14. dude its a lil fox
    i have those fuckers wondering around my garden half the time, there shit scared of my lil kitten... that says it all
  15. LOL

    Dude it's a fox, now if it was badger that'd be different, they are some sketchy mothafuckas
  16. True, didn't think of that.
  17. Wait, what the fuck? That fox followed the smell of pot and he followed you? Why'd you run from it dude... you could have easily picked him up and taken him with you and could've taken him on a pot hunt.

    Once they have that scent, they'll find it.
  18. Damn....making wild animals hustle for you n shit :smoking:
  19. hahah dude animals take after there owners they were BAKED AND SCARED!!!!!!!

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