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  1. This may be the unpopular opinion but they should have killed off lio. He's such a little bitch lol
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  2. how so? i was a cole and pheobe fan..
  3. Not a little bitch as in not courageous. He was brave but every time a charge is hurt he'd cry out in pain and the other white lighters would be like "Chill the fuck opt Leo. Shit happens" Like in the early episodes. He manned up a bit when Chris came from the future but it was hard to believe he was a soldier on D-Day.

    Cole was a little bitch only so far as his love for Phoebe. That made no sense considering he is a demon who must have countless years. I know his human half makes him feel true love and all but he acted like this is the first time he has been dumped.
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  4. Yea so true about Cole but who wouldn't fall in love with Phoebes big tits

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  5. Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) is a babe no doubt but the man was a demon. He was at his best when he was being sneaky and straight up killing dudes.
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