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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Vicious, Aug 12, 2017.

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  1. you mean the fundraising poem to raise the money for the pedestal she stands on?
  2. Tommy Sotomayor is a black person:

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  3. I mean it's stupid to expect demographics of arguably the most desirable place to live to remain the same. Not gonna happen.
  4. One would think that. Live and learn.
  5. Weren't you insisting David Duke/you weren't racist then you post a video in which the title calls black people savages for engaging in behavior that people of all races are capable of?
  6. who said anything about demographics? you asked about that poem and what happened to it. Nothing. Its still there. And again, was written as a fundraiser to help pay for the platform she stands on.
  7. I would love to hear more about this. Either here or in personal messages.

    If anything, I've found them to be more leftist than anything, due to a mod or two. I'd be interested in any examples you can list where they supported openly racist posting (beyond the basics of free speech).
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  8. Yes, and the video is made by a black person named tommy sotomayor, he's black and made that video. LOL I didn't do anything, but post it perhaps you should watch the video.
  9. Yes, the one that was necessary because Congress would not fund the base. Congress was tepid about the whole idea of it. There is more to the Statue of Liberty than you think. Despite the fact that the US Government would not fund the statue, the people of America did. She became a powerful symbol to the millions of dirt poor, foreign speaking immigrants that sailed past her on the way to becoming Americans.
  10. I didn't ask who made it. I was trying to understand your reasoning for posting it.
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  11. I think he is implying that if you can find one Jew who facilitated the holocaust that it proves it wasn't about race.
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  12. My r

    My reason for posting this video is to explain, they're are other people who are black and brown that are memebers of the minority community that are fucking tired of these pseudo black intellectuals that are too bust protecting the image of BLM versus dealing with real problems in our community.
  13. Careful, the TOS bans the discussion of moderation here.
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  14. I see. Perhaps the black community is capable of focusing on more than one issue.

    Right? One black person speaks for them all. One Jewish person speaks for all. Just as Richard Spencer represents all white people's viewpoints.
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  15. "I see. Perhaps the black community is capable of focusing on more than one issue."

    Well apparently you're speaking for the entire black community aren't you? LOL

    No, i'm simply providing an alternative view point from a perspective of a black person. I'm not the only minority that harbor these thoughts. < === MY POINT.
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  16. Comparing Robert E. Lee to Adolf Hitler is ignorant as fuck. He was a respected general before the Civil War, he was a great tactician who kept his men alive, and he is not some kind of evil figure in history.

    Nobody should be trying to tear down statues of him or anybody else. That's the kind of thing Islamic fundamentalists like the Taliban do. They try to destroy all historical artifacts that contradict their ideology. That the modern left is starting to resemble them shows that this madness needs to end.
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  17. You do know what the KKK is right? What white nationalist beliefs are?

    David Duke - Wikiquote

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    I just wish people were as quick to condemn racist groups like BLM as they are to white nationalists
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    Yes, he was affiliated with the KKK in his youth, however he has rejected that and is constantly demonized for a poor choice he made in his past. Sadly those same people likes to cast stones when they support BLM which is a violent terrorist organization that is based off racial lines.
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