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  1. Just another classic example of children showing up to do some real action larping.
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  2. Real action live action role playing?
  3. Yeah, like a RALARP
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  4. I appreciate governor Terry. He's usually pretty swift to act. People were fighting each other in the street before the "protest" was even scheduled to begin.
  5. When people get bear maced and pelted with piss and shit that happens.
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  6. What are the tiki torch people protesting?
    Anyone know?
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    I think they are protesting the existence of non white people or racism

    But I'm never quite sure, it could just be both all at once

    They probably don't even know now
  8. But yet it is OK for BLM to riot and burn
    Fucking hypocrites
    Whats good for the goose is good for the gender
    funny how the News responds so differently to the two groups.
    Wake the fuck up people
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  9. They're trying to take down Robert E. Lee statue. The talk today was suppose to be about uniting the right, meaning, getting AnCaps, constitutionalist, Alt-Right, libertarians, classic liberals, etc. to stop "punching right" and come under a common goal.
  10. And that goal would be?
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    What a crock
  12. Never got to hear the talk but I assume demographic replacement, immigration, etc and uniting against the Left.
  13. The ”news" propaganda right now is calling it a white nationalist riot. Can you imagine if they called the BLM shit what they really are, Black domestic terrorists?
    Or the antifa worthless pieces of shit what they really are?
    Hell no! That gets quickly swept under the rug but the moment anyone opposing the radical left has a rally they get all damn day airtime on a Saturday and are shouted down as violent racists. You couldn't make this shit up if you were George Orwell.
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    They did the same thing with Berkeley. This will escalate with both sides getting more radical and the authorities will pull more shit like they did today.
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  15. What about the mustang that just ran over counter protesters? They find him/her?
  16. Even fox News is calling it a white nationalist protest.

    Trump chimes in.

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  17. Are they not white nationalist? What are they? Why carry torches? Pretty dangerous, flashlights would be a much better choice? No?

    Where are all the "other" people in their group? Not defending BLM but they usually have a multi cultural protest no?
  18. It's about a statue of general robert e lee being taken down. People are saying it's racist to have a statue of one of the greatest generals in American history I just think they need to stop being pussies

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