Changing your party?

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  1. How do you change from democrat to republican? I've told my family about Ron Paul and alot of us want to vote for him so I'm wondering how we can change it... thanks.
  2. List of States with Open and Closed Primaries « Grassroots Idaho GOP

    Depends on your state. In my state you can vote in the primary no matter what party you are registered with, and your party is changed by doing so if it's not already that party.

    In some states you have to switch your registration by some prior date before the caucus/primary or else you are ineligible to vote.

    Also if you want to help Ron Paul even more, look into the delegate selection process of your state, and take part in that if you can. It takes place usually the same day as the primary/caucus. Viva la revolucion!
  3. never vote for a for a PERSON, the best PERSON.

    ..we ignored the warnings of our founding fathers by using a bipartisan system...and are seeing the results now.

    Welcome to the USSA comrades.:(
  4. say it. done.

    ron paul in the repub primaries in MI!!!!

    no party lines here. anyone can do a primary
  5. [quote name='"cball"']never vote for a for a PERSON, the best PERSON.

    Isn't that exactly what he is doing?

  6. soo true man. i am voting independent, if at all possible, because i think the party system is just used to confuse people and pass the buck.
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    This thread is hilarious! Changing your party from democrat to republican? How's that going to happen when both parties are the exact same? The only way America is going to work is to get rid of the two party system. What America needs is a 10 party system.

    Isn't the government sponsored garbage on t.v always talking about diversity? Why don't the government work the same way as the crap they shove down our throats every day on the nightly news?
  8. Lots of democrats want to switch their party and register as a republican to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries. It actually makes a lot of sense to switch your party every time an incumbent is running for re-election.

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