changing the 12/12 lighting slightly, any harm?

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  1. As the title says. Going to change the lighting schedule slightly, any harm done? plant is in flower and bud is growing. early flower clear trichomes etc.

    Light turns on 12pm off at 12pm and im changing it too ------> 10am to 10pm.
    Going too keep it at that for about a week then change back to 12pm/12am.

    for stealth reasons in b4 anyne asks. :D
    Any harm?
  2. Seems like you're going to find out... It could cause problems, no one can say beyond a guess. But what I think everyone could agree on is that you'd be increasing the risk of hermie. Id say if you're going to change your light schedule for longer than a couple of days you might as well just run with it instead of changing back.
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  3. whether too risk it or not, that is the question. here is a couple of pics of her :)
    be more like 5 or so days im changing it for.

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  4. No harm. Silly. Not a guess.
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  5. No big deal. It would take a lot more interruption of the light cycle than that to make seeds.
  6. agreed. I would try to slowly do it but if u have to do it all at once I think you will be fine.
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  7. I've had to do that a couple times about 2 to 3 weeks into flower. It didn't seem to affect mine but that's just my experience not to say that it might affect them.

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  8. cheers guys will go ahead with switching it in a couple of day! thanks! :)

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