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changing screens on bowls

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YYZ, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. how often do you change your metal screen on bowls?

    i have a socket bowl now and my screen is all burnt and charred, but i still keep it.
    how long do you wait ( how many weeks, sessions, etc) to change the screen?

    mine is so burnt and shitty, but every once in a while i pick at it with a toothpick and get some resin out.

    whats your views?:smoke:
  2. my view is dont use metal screens
  3. I bought 3 pack of 100 steel screens for around $4 each pack on amazon so I change it every 3 bowls.

  4. thanks bro, i knew there would be the glass army in here going "OMGOMGOMG JUST USE GLASS DUMMIE AND YOU BETTER BE USING A GonG BONG WITH a/c AND DIFFUSER YA DUMMMIE"

    its a socket. i cant use anything but a metal screen.
    Some real input please from people who use them.
  5. I use a glass screen on most my bowls.. but a metal screen just clean it when it looks like it needs it, hold it with something like tweezers and lay the lighter to it.
  6. just responding to your question, bro.
  7. when it gets rusty
  8. I just use glass now. However, I used to use metal, and after every use here's what I did:

    i) clear the ash out of the bowl
    ii) take the screen out
    iii) blow HARD on it (while maintaining a good hold) to get ash out of it
    iv) wash it off inside
    v) ready for next use

    With this method, I can use the same screen for quite a while until it burns through.
  9. Meh on my bowl with a big hole i have to use a screen, but i leave it for like a month until i literally can't inhale through it, its so fiddly! I much prefer not using a screen though.

  10. This.

    I don't smoke that often, so I just change every bowl.
  11. I change it once it's clogged up from all the shit sitting on it, which takes at least a little while to build up, but I don't smoke all that often mostly vaporize, the vaporizer screen lasts forever cause I just clean it with alcohol when it clogs
  12. I usually don't use screens, but I would use a different screen each time I used my old bong or an apple pipe or whatever. I think they can be used multiple times but I just stick to 1 time for each screen, eh maybe two.
  13. if you don't wanna buy any screens then burn off the resin and then clean it. thats what i do:smoke:

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