Changing pots throughout grow?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I was wondering what are the advantages and disadvantages of changing the size of your pots whilst the grow?

    Im buying these pots, they autofeed and work in soil and perlite.

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    Also, Im trying for an organic grow, or organic nutes at least feeding the plant through water like worm casting etc, kelp, molases, etc.
    I asked the site what size pots should I get if I want to yield 500g in a 1.2sqm tent 600w lights, I could get 1000w if it will make a difference.

    I got this reply about the pot sizes:

    "recomend starting seed first and then when it sprouts start in 6in pot until about one foot tall and then go to 8in pot until about 2 feet tall and then 10in pot . should take about 2 - 4 months depending on method of growing . good luck talk to you soon "

    At first on these forums, I was told to grow in 9 pots, and then I was told its better to grow in 3-4 bigger pots. And I can get that amount in 8 weeks or so before harvest.

    Subcool are one of the best seed sellers and he says the third dimension's harvest window is 45-55 days and he always grows organically no hyrdo.
    Sub Cool Seeds
    So what do you think?

    p.s I know Ive been asing a ton of questions
  2. To each their own on sizes but i think at most I've done was germ then sprout in a party cup...then into a 1/2 gallon pot (6 inch)... then to it's final home, usually a 3-5 gallon bucket.
    Figure 1 gallon per foot. Mine by finish (for indoors) are just under 5 feet.
  3. IN MY OPINION, soil that auto-feeds is not a great idea for a few reasons. If u read about "{miracle-gro" on grasscity u will find alot of bad info about it. thats because it auto feeds.
    besides that, u can start in anything small like he said 6-16oz cup. Then I would recommend putting it into its final and biggest pot, so it doesnt have to be transplanted later. 5 gallon is what I use, but I found out that if u use 10 gallon ur plants with be guaranteeed to get larger. next year i will go with 10 gallons.
  4. Thanks guys.

    How about the growing time and yield? I want to grow about 400-500g in 8-10 weeks, the strain says 45-55 days. So would using a bigger pot, take more time growing?

    I liked the idea of putting it straight into its final home, but found a thread with different opinions and why it could speed up growth. But causes a bit of stress I guess
  5. If u want to grow in only 8-10 weeks u would need an autoflowering plant. and those normally yeild only about an oz or less sometimes. mine came out a half O when i tried them. i maybe wrong they mite get bigger than 1 oz but they dont yeild as much as normal plants.

    Bigger pot should not take more time to grow, just has the capability to grow bigger.
    What I do is i put soil in a small plastic cup. and when I transplant I transplant to a large container of the same soil. The size of the container shouldnt shock the plant . goodluck bro
  6. Thanks dude. Maybe I should get a better light? like a 1000w?

    My only choice cant be autoflowering strains. Ive been asking for months and months and Ive read I can grow normal strains in that time. Like the one I linked above.

    Thanks again, Seeding will remind me of nursery lol, of course i have grown since then, but not in a cups like people have read, its put a smile on my face
  7. my bad i didnt kno u were growing indoor. u probably can in that time but the yeild will be small as well. I meantt outdoor u cant do it that fast. indoor u can make her flower when u want
    Im not sure about the 1000w i gro outdoors, im sure someone in the indoor growing section can help u out! goodluk
  8. More light won't speed anything up persay, but you will get more yield with a 1000 vs a 600 of course. But bare in mind, heat issues and ventilation can come with upgrading.
    As to your time thing... Get a mother, and keep cutting clones. Make it perpetual? It probably still wont hit 500g (thats a pound a plant) but hell if you can do like 3 at a time and pull 3-4 ounces per plant (mebbe possible in 3 months total) You'll have about what you want.
    Just some thoughts. :)
  9. Thanks guys. Ill try and find some grow diarys on those strains I want t grow.

    Says 45 days, so I was thining, 4 weeks veg and 4 weeks flower should be ok right?
    When it says it can harvest in 6 weeks and they are a quality strain seller.

    Im still on the wall about having more pots or fewer bigger ones. People on THC were telling me I could easily get 10z per plant if I grow in 12l pots but could it grow that fast to get that yeild.
  10. it would be hard to get 10 oz per plant in 8 weeks unless the strain is good for making a high yeild fast. the average plant might not get that big that fast but u can probly get close. I would go with 5 gal if outdoor, maybe 3 gal since ur plants wont get as big. if u want them to get big-if heighth is not an issue might as well go with 5 gal. the bigger pot lets the plant get bigger so let its full potential thats why in the ground they get biggest u probly knew that goodluck man
  11. cheers gre.
    Ill be growing inside in a 1.2sqm tent and i think its 2m height.
    Check out the strain i want to grow, its called third dimension by subcool seeds
  12. awesome that plan sounds good. i checked it out ur rite it matures quickly. i couldnt find the yeild but i would ask people or try to find the averageyeild for that plant. i think 2m should def be enough for those plants they prob wont need more then that. the picture of the bud looks super tho on the website
  13. Yeah I havent been able to find yield either. So does that mean 6 weeks after seeding?
    thanks :)
  14. Thanks for taking the time and looking for the strain
  15. I think that means from seed to harvest 45-55 and they say its the fastest harvest on their website. here is a thread someone growin third diminsion but i didnt take time to read all 11 pages ha!
  16. Sounds even better. Where could I find the thread? Search came up with spirtual threads lol
  17. I will be watching this one :)

    can't wait to see pics!

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