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Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by karmababy678, May 13, 2010.

  1. I use to be staunching for legalizing marijuana. Looking forward to Cali's vote and hoping for change, but after visiting this forum, I just don't know anymore.

    I guess I was naive in that I looked at MJ users as passive folk who just like a bowl or two in the privacy of their homes. Any thoughts of gateway drugs seemed like distant propaganda.

    But some of the stuff I read here about smoking at age 8 and driving while super's just really painting a different picture than the one I had of the cannibas counter culture. It's just got me thinking...if there's this much abuse of it now when it's illegal...??? Oh well. Guess I'll be mulling this one over for a while.

    Don't worry. This is my last post. Not here to preach. Each person is responsible for their own lives.

    I guess I'm just too old for this shit.
  2. so hows it different from drinking? Same shit, only 100000x more dangerous
  3. Gotta be honest if it is legalized it will be much easier to control and not be abused, but that doesn't mean people will not abuse it none the less - look at alcohol, people drive fucking wasted all the time regardless of the rules and consequences they know they will receive if caught.

    If it was legalized people are more relaxed about it, they will also have laws against abusing it and driving it, or selling it to the under-aged kids - the drug will be regulated and sold in controlled areas and the government will be able to make tax of it.

    I think if weed becomes legalized, all the people that smoke it or try it because it is a 'drug' will think twice about it, it will not be overly abused because it will become more socially acceptable to be stoned and thus you wont have to look forward to sessions of mega-toking (though that will always happen among friends) etc.

    Frankly, humans will always abuse their rights to things. Chocolate is legal but people still eat till they weigh 50 stone. You can't regulate the good from the bad and make a decision based on how someone might take advantage of it.

    When weed was legalized in Amsterdam the amount of people that smoked marijuana went DOWN. You can't base your opinion on what 'might' happen...because there are still plenty of stoners out there that enjoy chillin' lighting a few bowls with pals and having a relaxed evening/day.
  4. Driving super stoned=driving super good with music blasting
  5. :smoke:
  6. Some advice for you my friend, try not to stereotype and generalize so much from a few stories you've read about here.

    For the most part, stoners are a bit more respectful of the plant than alcoholics are to alcohol.

    With regards to smoking at age eight, when was the first time you got a sip of your Dads beer? I'm willing to bet it was around that age. My point is if alcohol and weed were completely legal right now, do you think your parents might treat them the same with their children, knowing the true facts behind both of them? After becoming more educated about healthy alternatives, I would much rather vape MJ than drink alcohol, and therefore that would influence my recommendations and decisions on others trying it.

    As far as driving, yeah, I'm completely against all forms of DUI. That being said, I can't argue with some of the statistics out there that have left the impact of driving while stoned as "inconclusive". To put it bluntly and as factually as I can, you probably have a higher risk of getting into an accident with someone who is talking or texting than you are with someone who is stoned.

    We're good people overall. Stick around for a while and have fun learning.
  7. People have drank at the age of 8. People drive drunk and KILL others every day. Do you want to ban alcohol as well?
  8. Yea man I you got to understand it's the Internet and many lie. Or that just me I only detect a few couple true stories every now and then, I don't know I just trust anyone that just me
  9. I'll be sure to hit you first when im driving wreckless while high. :rolleyes:
  10. So, you've been here less than a month and you suddenly think legalizing cannabis would be a bad idea because you've seen fools being foolish? :rolleyes:

    You don't have to reach into the depths of the internet to find people being irresponsible, with or without cannabis. You should work for the news, they try desperately to seek out as much negative news as they can. Which is exactly what you are doing, focusing on negative aspects of cannabis use.

    I'm not certain if you're trolling or what your deal is, but it's sad to see someone think they should switch their views on something like this simply because of a website forum.

    So, what you view as being upsetting to you, I could say the same about what you've said in this thread. It's equally upsetting to see someone willing to abandon their values and what they feel is right over something as simple as a few post on a message board. If that helped you to change your mind about legalization, you never wanted it legalized to begin with.

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