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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by storm38, May 8, 2002.

  1. due to circumstances beyond my control i have had to change the times that my lights go on and off it was a 6 hour change, how will this effect the flowering stage as she has been flowering for 25 days now. thanks in advance
  2. Storm38,

    Changing the period of 12/12 during flowering will affect it but not too badly, you may notice that it will slow down the flowering for a week or so but then slowly get back on track :) dont worry to much about it as it will be fine !!

    Good luck in your ventures

  3. i have already had 2 crops go hermie due to lighting difficulties was afraid it would happen again thanks
  4. Are you sure you got total darkness? Hermie is a good sign that you don't yhave total darkness. Sometimes when the light cycle gets all screwy, your plant want s to revert back to the veg cycle and the leaves start getting weird, i.e. 3 fingered instead of 5 fingered. Keep them as consistent as you can and they should adjust OK.
  5. i had a complete darkness problem i did correct that it was the changing of the times i was concerned about, as i had to change the time by 6 hours...

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