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  1. I've used T5 fluorescent veg bulbs until 5 plants reached about 6-8 inches in height than I transferred them into 3 gallon pots and put them under two 400 watt led lights. From seed to 2-3 feet tall and ready to begin flowering (this weekend) has taken 6 weeks. I'm going to flower them under the leds as they've been used to them the last few weeks. The big question is with my 2nd grow which is on the way. I'm going to have to use the T5's to grow the new crop until they reach 2-3 feet and then hopefully the 1st crop's flowering will be over and I can put the new veg crop under the leds. My question. I wonder if it's OK to veg under T5's and change the grow environment to leds with no grow problems? BTW, this is my 1st grow. So far, so good.
    2nd and newest grow - SAM_0230.JPG
    1st grow pic taken last weekend -  SAM_0235.JPG

  2. as long as it is the correct spectrum of light and is powerful enough to promote growth, the plants, imo, will not react negatively. in fact, if the spectrum of ur leds is in the 2000k range and they have good penetration then your plants will thrive.
    side note, if you vegged them to 2-3 feet they are going to be huge after the stretch. I vegged to 12" and my plant is now over 4'. make sure you have enough coverage and try to get some side lighting.

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