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  1. I was reading an anti-pot article and I made a very strange realization: pot has changed me.

    Some of you may be thinking, "well DUH anything you do changes you..." but its the nature of the change that has occured that seems strange.

    It was a totally bullshit article in a female magazine that had lots of spin, what you expect from these things, but it made me think...

    The article went on about how Jane has stopped hanging out with her friends after she took up pot. Jane no longer found fun in going to the mall and shopping with her friends. Jane had become "blah" and dull and etc.

    This is what got me. There were plenty other examples, but I could empathize with Jane.

    This is me now...

    I have stopped hanging out with some old friends, and indeed some things i used to think were fun simply seem like a waste of time nowadays.

    I believe I have become more analytical of things since m.j. came into my life and now, like jane, I find that going to the mall to buy clothes and such is nonsensical.

    I always ask myself: Do i really need this? I mean I have perfectly usable clothes at home, and this money could be invested for other more useful purposes.
    This applies to anything really, like going to the movies or even purchasing videogames.

    I'm a dude by the way..

    The point is, I can see how my old friends might have thought that I have become "blah" and I would indeed say that mary jane has had a hand in this.


    I am perfectly happy with myself.

    Strange to say that m.j. has affected friendships, but perhaps it is for the better.
  2. Sad truth is that it can change you like that if you let it. You let it start controlling you
  3. agreed. weed doesn't make u lazy or "blah", but it can help you realize what is really important in life and what you should be doing with your time
  4. i mean u could have swayed your actions, but u could have been just growing out of things or maturing. i dont goto the mall, i go smoke a blunt. wrong, smoke and blunt and go to the mall, hahaha try it! and never ever ever let your day be revolved around weed, let weed revolve around ur day
  5. What Im saying basically I guess at least in my situation is that all that the people i used to hang out with really did for fun was things that wasted money you know.

    I came to realize that a lot of the people i used to be friends with were very superficial and shallow, and i simply couldn't put up with them.

    The fact that I'd rathe chill at home with friends made me bland in their eyes, and I can understand this, but what I'm saying is that I have embraced the change.

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