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  1. I am currently 19 and a second year college student business major with a 3.4 GPA. I am a very big toker. My current roommate and I want to go to San Diego State U next year for college. We both intend on getting medical cards and going to school full time. I am curious to what life is like there, money wise, herb, etc? My roommate and I are best friends, both business majors, and have lived together for over two years so that won't be a problem. How difficult is it getting a card from another state?
  2. High cost of living, good bud, generally decent weather. I bet you'll enjoy it
  3. You would have to establish residency first (takes a year). Then, of course, you'd have to have a valid medical condition. Don't cheat the system...that's why it has no legitimacy as it is.

    The economic climate out here sucks, so good luck if you're going to need to look for a job. It's expensive as fuck as well, and I live in Norcal, where it's considerably cheaper.

  4. Question. What do you mean by 'cheat the system'? Do you just right down a false condition? Or better yet what do you even do to get a medical card? Im not trying to get one cause I live in pa. Speaks for itself.

  5. It's notoriously easy in CA to get a medical card for practically anything, from depression to insomnia to everything in between.

    It's easy to go to a doctor, say your back hurts, say you're opposed to prescription meds, and get a recommend. Doesn't mean you should, though.

    This is precisely the reason other states that have medical cannabis have made the restrictions for getting a card much tighter: the CA system is a joke.
  6. I have a cousin that lives in the area and he said it just takes a drivers license, can I get that right away or does that take a year as well. I typically smoke to go to bed and because it helps me with chronic shoulder pain from pitching in high school, that would be for the purpose of the card. I'm not really all for the people who smoke and end up not doing anything because it takes away from the actual benefits the plant provides.

  7. You need residency first. Your cousin only needed a driver's license because he was already a resident.

    You don't have to wait a year to get a driver's license.
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