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Changes you've noticed After you started smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tkd4000, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. What are some things you guys have noticed about yourselves after you started smoking?
    I've noticed i dont sweat things as much and im alot more social with people
  2. Well. iv made lots of new freinds lol, and iv been finding out some of my old freinds that i would of never expected to smoke.

    I tend to be more chill about things also.

  3. Life is....................right :Wink:
  4. i can really see that im a lot more calm about things now, almost like everything else's volumed is turned down
  5. I have lately started keeping to myself more than i used to. It's kind of nice, though, i don't have to deal with people i don't really like to see, but my social life has taken a toll from it :(.
  6. lol I just noticed that I have to learn to appreciate life. Even if I was to be a poor african child. I would just appreciate that I could see, smell, taste, breathe etc...

    Idk I just know that Once the responsibility's are done smoke a j to the dome and Aprecciate that you can.

    P.S Being sober wouldn't have changed what I said either:smoking:
  7. i appreciate nature more for sure. also music wouldnt be the same without that mary
  8. yea, i also enjoy physical activity more now..
  9. I think so much. That's what I've learned about myself. I had never realized the amount of time I am blankly doing things or even sitting around just thinking to myself about my past, future, and what's going on with me.
  10. I don't really think....anything?
    Hmmmmm, nnnnah nope I don't think so, which I'm really happy about actully
  11. Oh, and I'm the definition of egotistic.
  12. I have gotten like the worst memory in the world since i started smoking:confused_2:
    but it has made my OCD not as bad so thats a good thing:hello:
  13. some bright things look cool when your sober, music sounds better lol and food is amazing when ur high lol
  14. i can always hear my heart beat when i smoke lol
  15. I used to always be able to catch my pulse and feel it if I was sitting or laying.
  16. im really high
    I like the kitchen
    tv is funny
    mood is happy/chill

  17. Totally agree with this man,this is what i do lol.
  18. I've lost alot of my fire, which is a bad thing. more self concious. but, I do believe I'm a deeper thinker. both good and bad stuff.
  19. Ive actually noticed i think alot less about dumb stuff. i like it cus b4 i was always thinking about stuff that would just stress me for no reason

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