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Changed my mind and it will help you change other peoples aswell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThePowerOfPot, May 13, 2011.

  1. Watch The Union : The business behind getting high, its a doco about the history of marijuana and tells the true facts about it. Helped me understand the true meaning of getting high. You'll understand later

    - Jesse

    Idk if anyone or everyone has seen it but yeah its worth it
  2. Watched it so many times and showed it to so many people, greatest thing on my computer, except from the shortcut to this website
  3. This is the best movie to show anti-pot parents.
  4. I really wish there was some way we could get this into media. Like have it running on major networks in schools idk. But we as a community need to get material like this to the younger and older generations alike/
  5. Worst cannabis documentary ever. Pick one that's not completely biased and actually shows facts and sources for their facts. The Union is nothing more than an entertaining watch.
  6. I dont get how you can make an unbiased doc on cannabis without spewing govt propaganda? The fact is there isnt a counter argument with any real facts to support anti cannabis.
  7. It will only change the minds of idiots. Its entertainment for stoners. Not an educational film. As its been said, its very biased

    Do you listen to yourself when you talk?
  8. How would you make it less biased? You really didnt add anything to the thread with your comment...just sayin

    Edit: Also do you have any suggestions for people of non biased films?

  9. Thanks cpt. obvious.
  10. And you're such an asset here.

  11. You just inextricably linked negative effects of pot and what statistics show. It was pretty painful to read.
  12. You ignored the question in there. Also check the edit. I was seriously asking your opinion.

  13. Inextricably?

    : forming a maze or tangle from which it is impossible to get free
    a : incapable of being disentangled or untied <an inextricable knot>
  14. Would you say the union is pro-legalization?
  15. Yes i would say the film is pro-legalization. Some parts of the film however don't do much to help though. I believe the parts about growops should have been left out. They do help to further the argument that mj should be out of gang hands, but i believe they could have found a better way to go about it
  16. So it is biased. It has an agenda.

    You asked which ones I thought were better. I feel the ones shown on the news channels such as Marijuana Inc are less biased. The interview people from both sides. These arent popular here because it does show marijuanas bad side. Now these are still slightly biased. Im not sure if there can be an actual fully educational cannabis film, but you need to show both sides. The Union only shows one.
  17. Of course it's biased.

    Since I smoke I enjoyed it, but it's nothing new.

    If you want an un-biased documentary, you gotta talk to the prohibitionists- the doctors, lawyers, the drug councelors and get their side of the situation (even if it is completely wrong) and then present your side of the situation and I don't recall the union ever doing that.
  18. An even better film is Super High Me...At least that one shows you can smoke weed constantly for 30 days and not become retarded.
  19. Theres a difference between it being wrong, and disagreeing with it.
  20. I see what your sayin now. I've seen a few of the ones that appear on tv from time to time. Still though i think every film has an agenda you dont just throw together a movie for nothing. When you make a doc you always have a reason. It could be to show the truth, to sway people to one side, or entertain. What im trying say is The union is meant to make people pro pot and imo it does the job.

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