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  1. Truth (infallible constant) is impossible to achieve, as there is no constants because everything is always changing." This seems reasonable in a soceity that commonly accepts evolution as a substantial theory. Everything must change to survive right? Then I thought, wait a minute, if everything must change then.... ?

    This is an inherent contradiction mirroring that of the Lair's Paradox. If everything changes, then so muct the principal that everything changes. If the principal is subject to change then it will no longer be true that everything changes. This principal being eliminated then would make it possible again for truth to be found.

    But what if one declares that the only constant that can exist is the one that says no other constants shall exist? Well, one would have created the a god principal and would have discovered the ultimate truth.

    So, if everything is changing, this said principal would have a life expectancy on it. If it becomes a godlike principal, it then becomes truth, so then the argument must be false if the premise of "everything is always changing" is to be accepted because the premise is either truth or leads to the possible evolution of truth.

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