Change, abstinence

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Buzzwell420, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. So the constructs of almost living growing thing is DNA.

    Certain metaphysical theories suggest that everything is always changing, every trip to the store is a new one, in a sense.

    So after so much time spent checked out and high.... after awhile it feeds into the illusion that you aren't always high, i mean yes there is a paradox but once high becomes the same as low the....

    well actually the illusion it really plays into is that you need something outside of yourself...

    all is available. just have to go inward.
    people who are familiar with meditation are aware of its capabilities...looking for more? mantra and yoga are also helpful.

    many of us are becoming aware that old ways are not working. or we know limitations of where we can go with certain things.... I can only stay high so long... coming down seems to be inevitable... with taxes on money and health one can not maintain a bliss filled life at least where drugs are concerned.

    Im not telling anyone what to do...just another look
    I also invite input and advice, for the only reason I am posting this is because it is where i currently find myself/

    change is what we are.

  2. Word.

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