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Chances of uncontrolled grow...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ScrumptiousKush, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. It's a really bad idea to grow outdoors on your own property.

  2. Lmao I'd hate to see any female that looks like Mark Henry lol. Hes intimidating, thats for sure.

  3. It getting choped down, getting a year in prision, being bubba's bitch for the next year of your life.
  4. not going to work. they will get big, start smelling, and become painfully obvious there is pot right there
  5. Well its a small area next to my house, but if authority were to find it i couldn't get caught unless i was watering it at the time right? Because they can't arrest me if they dont know its me...

  6. Not true. Lot of doubters an inexperienced people on this thread.

    The OP said he wasn't going to grow many plants. As long as the area he's growing isn't in direct view from one of his neighbors he'll be fine.

    grew three, 5 foot plants before only about 20 feet away from my neighbors house. Never had a problem, the smell is an issue but there are things you can do about that. And as long as the OP has some a little bit of seclusion, other plants, a fence, etc, he can grow a couple plants outside with out that big of an issue
  7. I vacuumed my room and dumped the water from the vacuum outside... must have sucked up a seed b y accident because there is a plant growing next to my trash cans and i didn't put it there.
  8. Agree with ILLOGIK and MayorMcStoned. Most people in the apprentice smokers section don't know anything about growing. Go check out the outdoor growers section for some real information.

    Definitely go for it if you're serious. Smoking your own buds is great. And you're not going to go to jail and become someone's beyotch just for growing 1 outdoor plant, even if you get caught red-handed. LOL
  9. It will work, you are not going to be getting high grade though. But honestly its not worth the risk doing it right outside of your house.
  10. If its on your property, its an extremely dumb idea. if its a vacant lot, and not in plain view, you could do it.
  11. Growing outside is difficult.
    First, the bud you will grow won't be the very best.
    Second, you're prone to losing your plants due to harsh weather/theft
  12. Learn how to do outdoor pest control or regret it. Bunnies, deer, rats, etc will nomnomnom that shit apart. Pee in a circle around the plant every once and a while to leave your human scent.

    Also is that helicopter thing true? THC is uv resistant? wtf?
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    Cops catch ya ;)
  14. Well I've read that marijuana can grow just about anywhere (think about it, from the Hindu-Kush mountains to Mexico, it grows everywhere) I'd say it'd work. Just don't expect a lot/good quality cause that probably won't happen on your first grow let alone outside and blah blah blah.
  15. #35 RedMagic, Aug 3, 2011
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    Is that Mark Henry from WWE? :p
  16. I don't know the technical square footage of my property but i don't believe its on my property. Even if it is and a cop happens to fine it, unless they have proof it planted it and i was caring for it, they can't do anything, correct? They don't know that they didn't get there by chance.. And im not looking for good quality or a large quantity. Enough just to make some money

  17. Betta believe it! :D :D :D

  18. Honestly dude, Growing is really fun and not that hard, If your trying to make money, Id look for a secure place and get a legit grow going.

    If thats your only place you can grow, I actually do think you can get in trouble for having it on your property, I told blades that i was growing on my neighbors property and everyone was tellin me that if anyone finds em, my neighbor would get in trouble.

    But thats the only referance i have, lol, If your unsure a quick google search wouldnt hurt. :wave:

  19. Good idea, thank you for the input
  20. [​IMG]

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