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Chances of uncontrolled grow...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ScrumptiousKush, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. What are the chances that I will be able to grow some cannabis outside of my house? I can't grow inside because my roommates are not comfortable with it, but theres a little area next to the house where i could potentially grow. If i were to put some seeds out there and water it when needed, what are the chances the grow would be successful? I'm looking just to grow, im not trying to grow good quality bud. Also, does anyone have any good tips for a first time grower? Any comments are really appreciated, thank you.
  2. it wont work at all
  3. I disagree, I think it would work. Wouldn't work very well. But it would probably work. Just get some good soil and stuff. Give it a try man whats the worst that could happen.
  4. It'll work, just the product wont be great. you might not get a big harvest or a harvest at all.

    But.. Last season I grew a ditch plant in my regular vegetable garden. I made sure I watered it, fertilized twice. The plant almost died twice in a draught when I was on vacation and from a flood. The plant still produced better quality bud than dirty schwagg and some mids you'd find around my area. The plant ended up stunted, but still got over a 1/2 oz from it. It wasn't good weed by any means, but deffinetly decent quality mids.

  5. You have a point. I have a ton of seeds anyway haha

    How often do i have to water it though?
  6. Watch out for the helecopters...apparently they shine ultra-violet light on the areas at night and any weed plants show up clearly coz of the THC which is a uv resistant!
  7. Being arrested, having everything siezed and becoming someones bitch. :D
  8. make sure your spot will not be found by anyone. and since your growing outside just make sure they have plenty of sun all day and water them every day, outdoor grows are easy, the hard part is finding a spot. your finished product wont be too dank, but it is free and easy so unless your risking getting caught, go for it
  9. Ummm, Dude..

    This will be your new mom.

  10. In my opinion, if you're going to grow do it right, grow good ass weed...cause if you get caught for some shitty ass plant, the sentence will be the same if you get caught growing a good ass plant.
  11. Ya.. Itll work.. Depending on where your at its probably way to late. Sure is here in SoCal
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    It kinda depends man, u over water it and it could die. U underwater it, it could die. Idk what region you are in. Just search google or the grow section of gc. I'm sure there is a "official beginners guide to growing" sticky of some sort. Give it a try Is my vote. Especially if u have lots of seeds. Also as someone else said it is getting late in the season depending on where u are located. But I say try it anyways! Let us know how it goes! Good luck man.
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    Hmm yeah there's always that haha. But I think he's in an area where he can keep it covert or else he wouldn't even think of growing. I'd hope, especially for only one plant.
  14. you can be arrested get robbed. in some states that could be enough for them to seize your assets. unless you have a secluded area growing outside is a no no
  15. If you're growing outside make sure you have an extra-long power lead for the air filter
  16. Go lurk around the cultivation section, youll find that outdoor growing is much harder than you think.

    Also, if youre gonna grow an illegal plant you could go to jail for, do it properly at least...

    Good luck op.
  17. honestly im pretty sure as long as op isnt caught watering it hes fine and dont grow to many just 3 or 4 and spread them far away or if their close together just say you saw some kids out their one day plant them
  18. You asked what was the worst ;)
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    Nice Mark Henry reference. Met him once, fucker is HUGE in person. His sister looks just like him.
  20. You're completely throwing off the whole "It's only a plant, and it grows naturally in the ground" scenario then.

    OP's question though, yes you'll still grow decent marijuana.

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