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Chances Of California Tightening Its Mmj Program

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by 2packush420, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. In a little under a year I will be moving to California to get my medical marijuana card. (I'm moving there anyways, I might as well) I have heard that they are trying to tighten up the matijuana laws. Does anyone know if this is true? I do qualify currently since I do have insomnia( I'm usually up till 4, 5, or 6 just laying in my bed staring at the ceiling trying to sleep) and I do have migraines that cause me to sometimes get dizzy. Basically my question is, will they be tightening their MMJ program anytime soon?
  2. migraines are a definite in. having papers from your doc or even a promt care facility would make it pretty simple. and when the 420 doc asks if mmj helps your condition your response should be absolutely. good luck
  3. getting a mmj card is not a problem here, you have a legitmate reason to smoke and most the time they just want your your good. youll learn cali is way more lax on MJ, even more than the states that are "legal".
  4. See that is what I am worried about. I never go to. The doctor. Even when I sprained my ankle or got a really deep cut. I can't afford going to the doctor every time something is wrong with me. I usually self diagnose and when something needs treatment I use my sister. She is a nurse so when I need stitches or something, she helps me.

    Is there a way to get around this, or is it required that I go to the doctor and establish a condition?
  5. You have a face and money u can get a card pretty much. I had my medical records and the doc didnt even needtoseethem. Its pretty easy out here.
  6. IMHO...OP isn't a qualifying patient in any way...just a kid wanting a 'green card'. (could be wrong, but it seems pretty obvious) :cool:
    have fun with that OP  :poke:
  7. No, I am qualified. Just because I can't afford to go to the doctor and spend hundreds everytime something is wrong, doesn't mean I don't qualify.
  8. Its fairly easy man don't sweat it
  9. This is my experience with moving here and receiving a MMJ card.
    I have depression, insomnia, and anxiety like a mofo. I had just moved here and I didn't expect to want to get a card at all(I didn't smoke that much before the move) but my friend told me that if I just smoked a couple times a week it would help. I tried it, it did, so I wanted to get my card. I tried to get my paper work, but it was too much money at the time, and a lot of places offer money back if you don't qualify. So I said fuck it and wrote down as much as I could. This included my previous doctors as well as the prescriptions I have been on before. I went in, and the doctor initially asked for my paperwork, but I told her of the move and still had my home state ID to prove it. She asked what kind of medication I had been on, any other medical history, and how marijuana helped me. After I answered all those, she told me to never smoke, always vape or eat edibles, and a brief list of other MMJ stuff that could help me. Then she signed my papers and sent me on my merry way :)
  10. Sounds like you need to freshen up on Cali's mmj laws and requirements
  11. I'm in California. Every stoner I know that turns 18 and has some extra cash gets their card. Its not hard at all. 
  12. Insomnia? Headaches? What happened to your lung cancer? :devious:
  13. It was a false positive. After I went through more tests it was revealed that I didn't have it. Thank god.
  14. It's cake man. I don't see why everyone has to hate. This is our states way of legalizing it while leaving it in the hands if the people. If you want to smoke go get a card if not its no bother to anyone. Our state has recognized how great of a plant it is so that is why they came up with over 420 different reasons one might be able to get a card. Legalization. Haa. We have had they for years here.

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