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  1. What's up y'all I was just wondering if anyone knows where to watch the galatasaray vs Schalke game online. Ill pay or watch it for its just that fox soccer has the ac Milan barca game instead so if anyone knows a reliable site I would be greatful!

    Responders get rep lol
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    Nosir but I do plan on watching the barca/milan game. I will pm you a website to watch pretty much top-tier soccer games via streaming. only key is you have to watch it live.

    EDIT: 2 things

    first, you are better of posting this in the sports section. there is also a thread already title football fans, you should join us over there.

    second, FYI, giving out rep is pretty useless (numerically speaking - the thought is always nice though) unless you have light green bars. so I think unless you have 600+ rep you can't give any out. something like that...
  3. Wait really lol and yes I will surely go over there!
  4. Check out first row sports im not sure what the exact website is but it should come up on google

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