Challenged by my friend

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  1. My friend made a bet against me that i couldn't drink 5 CHUG Milkshake drinks in one sitting. I m not allowed to barf for an hour afterwards. What do you guys think? I think i could do it fairly easily but he keeps insisting that i cant
  2. You can't. A little thing called homeostasis will make you puke probably around 3 and a half. This milk challenge is also known as "the gallon challenge"

    Look it up
  3. That's disgusting your a terrible person
  4. your stomach is going to reject that lactose before you finish the 5th one lol
  5. Yeah I've heard about the gallon challenge so I doubt it. How big are you and how often do you drink milk?

    On a side note anyone see that Tosh.0 where they did the gallon challenge? The other guy threw up blood hahaha

  6. doesnt really matter how big you are or how often you eat dairy/drink milk when it comes to huge quantities lol. The body will reject it, we arent supposed to be consuming lactose hahahahhaah
  7. People have a way of building tolerances but yeah I'm pretty sure this guy wont be able to do it haha.

    OP, get a video of it so we can watch.
  8. Pretty sure it's proven to be impossible so don't make the bet too high!
  9. I would do it, be high and videotape. Please report back.
  10. you guys are talking about huge gallon jugs of milk, im talking about the little CHUG brand milkshakes. Its still a lot of dairy since it is extra thick but i honestly think i can do it
  11. 5 12 oz bottles of chug is 60 fl oz, thats almost a half gallon of a dairy product that is most certainly atleast twice as milk

    it may go down, but its gonna feel like ass lol
  12. I've done it. No biggie.
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    It will destroy your insides and you will die please do it.
  14. I highly doubt that, honestly my only hesitation is that i will barf during or shortly after and that will cause me to lose. But i feel like i could drink 3 of those things no problem especially if im baked off my ass

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