Chakras, Astral Projection and stuff

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  1. I know I'll probably get flamed for this, but I know it to be 100% true. Yeah I know I could win 1 million dollars if I accept that challenge from that one guy, but the only way to know that it is REAL is to do it yourself.

    First off, chakras is just an eastern term for energy. Everyone has 7 or 8 (depending on who you ask) energy primary centers, among many lower energy locations as well.


    And here is a description of them, if you are interested:

    For some people it's easier to feel these energy centers. When I'm high it is way easier to feel them, and the feeling is more intense.:D When you feel them, it will feel real real good(better than any drug), and at first it will feel like a bone tickling sensation (thats about the best I can describe it), in these spots. I would recommend on concentrating the most on the higher energy centers (heart and up), b/c these are used more for spiritual purposes. I would highly recommend you try to feel your energy while high. :D

    I know some of you are thinking that I'm about half retarded or smoked way too much, but science tells us that we all give off or emit energy. A great example of this is sharks. Sharks detect their pray by locating minute electrical frequencies that they give off.

    There are certain reptiles, that has the 3rd eye, which can be seen on their head.


    This last pic is harder to see it b/c it is so well camouflaged.

    And if you look at string theory, it says that EVERYTHING is basically made up of open and closed strings of vibrating energy.

    Now about astral projecting. What you do to astral project, is to trick your body to fall asleep, while keeping your mind awake. This is very hard, and like everything, it takes practice to get good at. Once you can feel your energy centers easily, then you can astral project even easier. I'm not going to go into the details of how you do this yet, b/c it will make this post even longer, and I'm getting kinda tired of typing right now. But basically it's like your meditating, but to the extreme, if that makes sense.

    I believe that most natural psychedelic drugs, can show you or throw you(in the case of dmt and salvia) into this astral realm, but w/ drugs it's way harder to control things. I've never done DMT or salvia, but from all the reports I've read on, and some of things mentioned in Dr. Rick Strassman's book (DMT: the spirit molecule), they all seem to describe things found or seen in the Astral Realm. And the reports of mushrooms and peyote, describing the feeling of oneness, can also be felt in the astral realm.

    When you astral project, you leave your body like this:


    And you can travel to the higher realms. We right now, are on the physical, which is one of the lowest.


    Everytime you sleep, you visit some of these planes in your dreams. This is another reason why sleep is so vital. It connects you back to "cosmic energy" to re-energize you.

    Now, I know a lot of this sounds very very out there. But just don't dismiss it as 100% absolute bullshit, just b/c you haven't experience this. Remember how some of you (if not most), were brainwashed by the gov't to think that marijuana is some horrible drug? Well once you experience it, you realize that that propaganda is b.s., and marijuana is actually pretty damn awesome. Well don't knock it, until you've done it. And being mentally open minded about all of this, is also key.

    There are also many buddishts, monks, hindu's, etc that actually teach this stuff too. They might use different terms than me, but they still teach/practice this same stuff. Actually a friend of mine is Hindu, and reading about his religion and practices got me into this whole thing. I just don't believe that one needs to follow a certain religion, b/c true knowledge is found w/in yourself, and you know yourself the best, so you are your best teacher. Remember the old saying, "know thyself"? This is exactly what it is talking about.

    Here is an India Yogi, who went into this deep state of meditation (or astral projection), and stayed under water for 4 days, while in this state. There were thousands of people there watching all of this, and it was even reported by CNN World News.

    So if you are still with me on this, the greatest thing a person can learn from practicing these things, is to see that there is so much more than what most people perceive to be real. Our physical bodies are just a temple for our energy, or soul (if you wanna call it that), and when we die, only our physical bodies 'die'. :)

    If you want to read more about this, I would recommend reading "Astral Dynamics" By Robert Bruce. Read some of the reviews about this book too.

    I hope by me posting this, some of you will be interested in this stuff and will go out and give this a try. There are probably several things I've left out, but this will atleast give you the gist of things.
  2. Absolute excellennt post. I believe all this. Although, im sure most users on this forum, will rule this out.
  3. loved it
    don't know what to add yet:0

  4. It's good to see that the first response was a good one.:hello:

    So you say believe this, but have you experienced any of it? Ever since I've found out and experienced this stuff, I just want to tell everyone I know, but I've only told a couple of my close friends, b/c I just feel that too many people will dismiss this and forever think of me as being a lunatic :(

    I forgot to add that my Hindu friend said that one of the main gods, Krishna (I think this is the right one, not 100% sure) gave marijuana to earth as a gift to help deal with everyday stress and for pleasure. I certainly view marijuana as a gift from 'god'. :)
  5. excelent post. ill read the links eventually.

    chakras are neat, i use them when i meditate heavily. or when i play around with mantras. different mantras trigger different chakras, i dont know if thats written anywhere its just an observation.

    astral projection i choose to stay away from, ive heard bad stories plus its annoying to practice.
  6. It's obvious that there is more to life than physical and mental boundaries. I remember learning about the third eye part of the brain but was never able to fully grasp it...
    I'm not sure whether or not I believe astral projection is possible but if it is I'd bet it'd be sick, and I've heard some crazy stuff about DMT and how it's similar to what your brain produces when you sleep.

    nice post tho I'll throw you some rep
  7. Great post!

    Astral projection is something I tossed around half-hazardly when I was a young teenager just for the sake of finding a means to transcend the monotony of day to day living, but nowadays it tends to be a more focused experience that occurs every so often in my sleep. I've always given thought as to whether I was having random psychotic illucidations or full blown astral experiences but that always threw me off kilter.. regardless, I take what I can from these experiences (be they man made or spiritual in nature) and move on with the whole 'day to day living crap' as my friend Matt liked to say. :p

    Best way to do it, if you ask me.
  8. The 'tickling sensations' are related to what we buddhists call 'Blisses' and can grow until you can trigger an instant, deep rush of pleasure using them. After a while you can extend these into being semi-permanent states. Buddhism doesn't teach anything about astral projection or believe in it, but chakras, certainly. They do work if you know how to use them. If I get a chance I'll post some exercises with them that will raise blisses with a bit of practice.

    Good post.

  9. It really helps out a lot to meditate, If nothing more than to recharge you batteries.

    Although I never practiced it, Astral projection is something I have been looking at.
  10. Yet there is no evidence....
  11. Oh man, not the evidence Nazi! Duck and cover! Hide your theories! ;)

    The "blisses" as Melt put it are evidence enough for me but that's subjective, oh well. Can't share it...
  12. classic rasta man. :p

    i cant prove it but i know a boner in sweat pants when i see one.
  13. He's got a point with it, without evidence we can't show him what we are talking about. So to him it's like it doesn't exist.

    I have no idea if it's only an experience you can have or if it's something you can prove though.

    I can't prove what I dream about but I could tell you what happened ;)

    Have you ever felt these "blisses" before Rasta? Do you call them something else or classify it differently? Perhaps the thread is just a misnomer when it comes to everyone understanding it the way it is intended?

  14. exactly what evidence would you need to convince you? wikipedia claiming that back in 1856 some guy astral projected and wrote a study on it and experiments suggested it can happen? How would empirical evidence relate to this?

    You don't consider that to be a type of evidence and reason to consider the acts are possible?

  15. Now, just saying there isn't any evidence doesn't seem quite fair, although I get what your saying. Remember that story I posted about coming outside my body during a meditation exercise, that was me trying to 'astral project'. I felt a tear at my body and I started floating up above my body like I was on a cross. It was a unique hallucination, more real then any drug I've ever tired.

    Having experienced the state of consciousness I can understand why some would dedicate their life to it. I, however, don't believe I went outside my body, no offense to the OP, I believe I went into some other mental state. The mind is an amazing thing to explore and everyone should spend some portion of their lives doing just that, in the end it's all you have.
  16. You cant really prove spiritual experience, although i know what your saying RM, and i agree that without evidence there there is now scientific explanation... fuck it, i quit.
  17. Some of that sounds like what a friend of mine experienced after he smoke a few depth charges (while he was drunk).

    (a depth charge is when you use water to force the air into your lungs).

    I was sitting at the party when I looked over at him, and he had just gone to stone. I just let him sit there for a while, not saying anything, until he started to slump over; so I went over to him and was going to prop him up, but instead I had to help him to the ground while he mumbled a little bit.

    Then once he was on the ground we just let him lay there for a while. Unfortunatly passing out at a party is never a good thing to do, so a few people grabed some markers and drew clown eyes on him and a big clown mouth, and then drew all over his face.

    When that was all complete, we realized that his eyes were still open and he had done little or nothing. So one person started yelling at him; and pulling his ears, and when he still said nothing somebody else went into the kitchen got some water and splashed it on his face.

    This woke him up; but he still didn't know where he was, he looked around at each of us widely. So i went to ask him if he was ok; and he looked at me franticly telling me to get away from him. So my friend tim grabbed his arm and told him that he's right there for him; instantly the guy remembered Tim's voice and started talking to him.

    Tim asked him where he was right now; And he replied that he was at a grave yard. So we asked him what he saw, and aperently there was a grave stone, that he started to read to us the epitath. I forget what it said.

    At that point he jumped away from that scene and started decribing another scene. At this point we told the guys at the party that we had to go. So we went to leave but when we coaxed him outside, he made a break for it.

    Instantly, Tim took after him and tackled him into a bush a half block down. He then convinced him to come with him, and we brought him in the car back to the house.

    Once he was at the house; he was already well aware of his situation, and was becoming to become very worried about where he was and what was happening to him. He was starting to think that he was going to be like that for the rest of his life and it freaked him out a bit.

    When he finally came down he told us some of what he experianced. Aperently most of the time he could see strings everywhere, but when he heard a voice or saw a face in one of those strings, he could grab it and then play it like a tape in a tape recorder. If the scene got to fast for him, he could pause it and rewind it so that he could study it again.

    However it seemed like he had trouble maintaining a signle thread, so he would jump out of it, and then look around to find another thread. Some of these threads contained prophesy like stuff, but I'm not going to get into that, because I can hardly remember it.
  18. Damn it!!! I just wrote this long post, only to have the electricity to go out for a sec and lose it all:mad:

    Basically the post was about how string theory and another theory, the holographic Universe can support astral projection. I really went into great detail about experiments that support the holographic universe. Shortly, the holographic universe, says that the whole universe is like a giant hologram, as well as your brain.

    Here is a book I read called, "The Holographic Universe" By Micheal Talbot:

    There are numerous experiments that support that our brain and universe acts like a hologram. For example, our brain was once thought to have specific locations that stored our memories, but research done by Karl Pribram shows that memories aren't stored in specific locations, but distributed throughout the brain.

    The information stored in a holographic film, can be found through out it. For example, if you break the holographic film in half, each half will contain all the info of the whole. If you keep dividing these halves in half, the resulting smaller pieces, will still contain all the info of the holographic film.

    Since in string theory, it says that there are strings in everything, and I see these strings as being like a little piece of the holographic film, which still contains the info of the whole holographic film. This is how people who astral project, can visit all these different types of realms, etc. So basically everything is a giant illusion, and the only real thing is your mind, even then most people don't even realize or utilize it's true potential.

    I actually have to go now, but this is all I can get into. I wish I could explain everything better, and use examples to back up my claims, but right now I'm out of time. I'll be back later and re-explain things. Hope this makes somewhat sense.
  20. Maybe if spirituality was evidence and logic based it would be a factor?

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