Chainsaw Gang

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  1. It's a newish show about some chainsaw artists who carve big fuckin' trees and pieces of wood.

    It's a cute show, but kind of scripted :rolleyes:. It has some funny jokes. I don't recommend watching it if you don't have a DVR, as waiting through commercials to watch this program isn't necessarily worth it.

    Anyway, it seems like one of the artists, Rio, is constantly smoking joints or little blunts, somethin'.

    Anybody else notice this?
  2. Right off the bat I assume it's on TruTV.
  3. \

    oh jeeze, I know. that channel's gotta be the worst.

    it's actually on CMT of all channels to be on.
  4. I don't even know what CMT is.
  5. country music television.

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