Chain stores w/ digital scales?

Discussion in 'General' started by syntax13, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Hey, I'm looking to get a scale and get have it ordered, and no one I know has one they want to sell, so does anyone know of any store chains, preferably in the south, that sell digital scales?

  2. office depot. booya.
  3. Check your local tobacco stores. If you can order shit online, get one on ebay for like 15$ with shipping.
  4. really office depot? for how much?
  5. i first bashed it, but go for ebay. best selection, definetly best prices. where in florida do you live?
  6. The scale from office depot is the mac daddy of scales its only not good for transporting alot because its big.
  7. Thanks guys. I'm definatly gonna go get one as soon as I get some extra cash and don't blow it all on weed.
  8. Linens N Things and Bed Bath Beyond have em in the kitchen section. I'd check em first to make sure they measure to at least 0.1g...but i'm pretty sure they were less than $30.
  9. i recomend just checking local tobacco or cigarette stores

    they almost always carry scales, at least the ones in my town all have them
  10. you could always just get one of those cheap metal postal scales; they fit right in your pocket
  11. The Source (aka radio shack)

    im not sure, that may be a canadian one. They carry Nexxtech scales which are super cheap (20 bucks) but are accurate and relativley durable.

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