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chain smoking.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whitekush, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. so i got like.. 4-5 grams left..
    i kinda wanna chain smoke it all tonight, and do a fresh pick up tomorrow..
    i've had this half o for like 2 weeks now (been trying to smoke it slow now that school has started)

  2. naa bro, i wanna go through that much that quick, go buy a pack of papers and roll up a couple j's. smoke one get high come down, nap. repeat. when all the weed is gone buy some more. peace and love bro
  3. don't say your going to smoke a said amount before you smoke. just grab your piece, load up a bowl, smoke the bowl. Are you high enough? if not repeat!
  4. haha thanks guys, i just smoked a bowl, and i'm great.

    its way better to just smoke until you're really high, and then repeat

    rather than finish it all.

    love you guys (no homo)
  5. love u too no homo
  6. i enjoyed readin this. its nice to see people encouragin gettin high its such a good feelin :) respect to all the tokers
  7. hell yeah! im about to smoke a few bowls
  8. No point in wasting it man, gotta be economically intelligent here :)
  9. if you really wanna smoke all that then have a friend or two over and enjoy that MJ with them ;) it'll be less boring and you'll have people to chill with
  10. Enjoy your smoke, man!

  11. Don't mind me asking, but what exactly is chain smoking?? New term to me.. :eek:
  12. Smoking a lot of a substance very quickly, as in many bowls in a row without much of a break haha.
  13. this^^^
  14. You could send it to me, I'll smoke it for you. It will probably take about a month though, lol.
  15. its nice to smoke one to yourself though sometimes!

  16. Haha oh thats the name for it.. i love that, then once you finish you look up and your like..

    Dude, the fuck just happened, where.. am i??? :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  17. HAHA same here, an eight lasts me around 3-4 weeks. Im a noob and stretch it cause i dont have much of an income now. I smoke only on weekends so it lasts.
  18. if you smoke that much most likely it will knock you out...
    just chill on it and you'll be set.
  19. I would just smoke enough to get high. Regardless whether you smoke them all or not, you can always buy a new batch to mix and match.

    Btw. This thread is giving me some really good vibes. Thanks guys.
  20. It is ok to get FUCKED UP sometimes

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