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  1. In running co2 in a DIY air sealed tent I made, but the temps/humidity have gotten out of control and I need to exhaust the room now. I need a strong enough fan to exhaust a 4'x4'x7' tent in 15 minutes or less, and I need to somehow keep that opening 'air tight'.

    I was wondering... since co2 is a heavy gas, if i leave my exhaust at the top of my tent and cover the opening with a few layers of nylon stocking, will that stop passive air transfer? It will lower the CFM, but I dont care as long as co2 isnt rapidly leaking while the fan is off.
  2. you need a fan that moves 224 cfm's.... im also assuming your using a carbon filter in there... if your trying to move that much air in 15 minutes... your going to need to multiply that number by 4...896 CFM fan... so pretty much you need a ten inch fan.. full blast for 15 minutes then you can turn it off and turn on your C02 system... you don't have to baffle your exhaust like your thinking... just turning off your fan will be enough... so you need a timer for your C02 system and a timer for your fan... just alternate on and off... you will need to put in a baffle on your intake.. so once your fan turns off your baffle closes and locks your C02 inside your grow area
  3. thanks for the advice Tihspeed. i dont plan on having an intake because i figured since this tent was DIY, there MUST be leaks somewhere. I assume its 90%-95% air tight. There is a small hole at a top corner where all my wires and hoses run through, and that has been sealed up as best as i could with a layer of panda film and gorilla tape. just one question about your math though.

    the room is 112 cubic ft. shouldn't a 112 CFM fan be able to move all the air in 1 minute (given no loss of CFM through carbon filter or other variables)?

    im already pretty set on getting a 6" fan thats around 400 CFM. Already have 6" ducting and everything
  4. 112 cubic feet. Man my math was wrong.

    I was tired maybe? Multiply that times three for removing the air for fresh clean air. 336 CFM rated fan. X2 if you have a carbon scrubber=672 CFM rated fan
  5. Forget my first post. Out of my mind last night I guess

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