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  1. I have 2 42w CFL's on my seedling is this to much/to little? i have a 3rd lamp with another 42w CFL on it should i hook it up, or wait? I'm guessing the total wattage is 300w? because on the box it said 42w = 150w? am i wrong with the wattage?

    here is the bulb i bought, in case it helps:

  2. You have a total of 84 watts not 300. The actual wattage is what is important. That is related to incandescent bulbs' output.
  3. well is this enough, and what other lights can i get to increase yeild etc
  4. Yes, you have 84w. To answer your question...

    If you don't have a heat problem, you should be okay. Seedlings are pretty indestructible, as long as don't do too much to them. I started a few under four 42w's at 3" away and they were fine.

    Put a sandwich bag over their head for a week so the dirt surface doesn't dry out too much. Let them grow some roots. ("Burp" it ever day for air exchange, probably).
  5. So basiclly i need a hell of a lot of Lights on this one plant? like will 4, 42w lights be enough to get it though its entire life? or will i need more?

  6. You're fine for a couple weeks, but you'll need more light eventually. You said "seedling"... one plant?

    The two micro-camps are CFL's and small HPS's. For CFL's, check out Kamel's CFL guide "sticky" on the General Indoor forum.

    For small HPS growing, I guess look around for threads about 70w or 100w cabinet grows. They're usually converted "security lights" from the local home center. You can find a 70w light for less than $50, and the "rewiring" is pretty simple (add more wire between the bulb and the ballast, and re-mount the ballast somewhere outside the cabinet).
  7. is there a tut. on how to do this?
  8. first off u don't go by wattage so wattage is not really important. u go by how much light and by what spectrum.:D
  9. Yes, you can use CFL's for the entire grow cycle, and the number that you have will be enough for the whole cycle. But for a bigger, better harvest, you'll want more light (a general idea is that you won't have too much light using CFL's, provided that you can keep the heat down). Also, you'll probably want to switch from bright white daylight CFL's to soft white ones when you begin to flower.
  10. i use 6 25w=100w CFL's per plant. i've had very good results for CFL's.

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