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  1. Is there anyway to wire a cfl to a cell charger, i just wired a computer fan to my phone charger and was wondering if i could do somthing like that for a cfl bulb because i have no lamp and im low on funds :/
  2. haha i did the EXACT SAME thing for my pc grow box last night. I'm pretty sure you can wire a cfl but i forgot how the positive and negative go... they sell Light bulb sockets that plug into a outlet at home depot for .99$ i used those + an extension cord, and its great!

    Post a pic of your pc grow box! :p
  3. [​IMG]

    Here it is, just pretend the (+) and (-) are the same for the cell phone charger (black wire = neg, red wire = pos)!!!

    don't burn the house down!
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    Didnt work :( does the wattage of the cell charge matter?
  5. I'm not sure about the wattage... i don't think it matters, but try reverse wires... do both wires on both terminals, I'm pretty sure it will work

    Nice avatar btw
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    Thanks and same to you
  7. A 120v cfl requires 120v to work properly and produce optimum light output. At 60 volts light output is roughly half. A cell phone charge generally runs on less then 12 volts. If the light works at all, it would be dimmer then a night light!

    The PC fan works on 12 volts because it is designed to run on 12 volts.

    You will need an actual lamp socket, home depot and walmart sells them with a round reflective hood for less then $5 a piece

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