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  1. Hello everyone, I am posting because I am preparing to start my first indoor grow attempt. I am planning to use a shower to grow in and plan to grow 4 to 5 girls. I plan to use12 cfl lights so about 300 real watts in the 6500k daylight spectrum in total to start but I do not know how to hook up the cfls for use. My main problem is the wiring aspect. From what I have read I believe I need 6 y -adapters and a power strip with surge protection and an extension cord along with the cfls. How do I go about hooking up these 12 cfls? Do I need any other miscellaneous wires or parts? If so what are they called? and how do I hook this shit up?! If anyone could shed some "light" on this for me I would greatly appreciate it!.

    Help light my way!!
  2. I'd use a piece of wood and screw onto is in lenght several light bulb sockets.

    I'd run a wire that links up in serial with all the light sockets.

    I'd screw/hook the wood on two sides of the plant.

    See the picture.

    top part is view facing the light bulbs

    bottom is from the side of the grow box.
  3. im sorta new to growing to bro. But everything you need is at home depote. I use the Y adpaters and then plug them into this cord that plugs into the wall and at the end it has a socket to screw a light in. I put the Y adpater in there then have 2 cfls coming out then I clamp it onto something so its above the plants and I have about 5 cords and 10 cfls. Then I plug them into a multi socket then plug that multy socket into the wall. Just use your imagination and be creative. Its not to hard. Good luck.

  4. OK, Heres's your List for Home Depot/Lowes: 2 Surge Protectors(6 Socket), 6 Outlet-to-Socket Adapters Link: , 6 Y-Splitters Link: , 2 Extension Cords(Not Sure How Long You'll Need You MUST Measure) 2700 K Bulbs for flowering and 6500 K For Vegging which you already have. I HIGHLY Recommend These For Flowering; Link: . I Am Using This EXACT Same Setup However Mine is on a 50% Scale Everything I Told YOu Take Half That and Thats My Setup. For TEN BUCKS Each Those Flowering Lights i gave you a Link Too Are Excellent. They Are Close to the Recommended 3000 Lumens Pr SQ FT. I LOVE Lowes. If YOu Have ANy Questions Feel Free To Ask Me, But Just To Let YOu Know I Am NEWBIE Also But I AM A COuple Weeks ahead of you soon going to flower. Oh Shit Heres The Vegging Lights I Use Link: , If You're Growing For Yield and Have Some Extra Money To Make YOur grow a LIL Better Go Balls Out With This Mammoth, It Fits into the standard Socket. Picture does not do this thing its justice It Literally Is Sumo Size.
  5. There is no one way to hook up CFLs, all you need is standard household sockets wired to electricity. You could do the power strip idea, or you could look into cheap bathroom lighting fixtures at Home Depot/Lowes and use those.
  6. I just toked a blunt with my buddy came home and I am pumped to see such a quick and amazing response from everyone. I am pretty sure I know what I am going to do now. Kelvino thanks for the links and eveyone else for your valued input. I will hopefully be having some pictures to show ya all soon!:smoking:

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