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  1. Here I am again with my second topic. I have decided to start my grow, I have researched a lot of stuff and I decided how I want to plan it. I would love your advice on this and to tell me if anything is wrong and can result to a failure.

    So here is my plan. I am thinking of using x3 24W / 1500 Lumens bulbs which will be set on the ground in desk lamps around the plant and x1 85W / 2700k / 4370 Lumen bulb which will be set above the plant. The result is 8870 Lumens which from what i've read is enough as 5000 is the minimum.

    But my questions are, what spectrum should i get for the small bulbs? I was thinking of 6500k since I already have the 2700k and I will have them all on from seed to harvest in a 18/6 cycle. And my other question is do I need a special socket for the T5 bulb? In the description of the bulb it said that it has an E27 socket and a Spiral T5 shape. So can I use a typical house socket with it or will I have to get a special socket for it? 

    Correct me if I'm doing something wrong in this setup because I don't want to spend my last money on something that failed and I don't have time to waste in planting another seed.

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    Pics help a lot. Got any? Are ur 3x24watt bulbs cfl's? 6500K for veg and 2700K for flowering. I like to add 1 to 2 ratio though. (So I use one 2700k to two 6500k when veg) and (the opposite when I flower). Hope that is not confusing but none the less, ur on the right track.

    U will need a basic PC power cord that u have laying around or a cord that has three prongs. U will have to splice the wires and use electric plugs to hold the wires together with the T-5 wiring system. Should be black, white and green. Place the colors together and cap them and it set to go. U can now plug ur T-5 into a regular socket 👍😄
  3. I don't have any pics since I haven't ordered anything yet. I am waiting for tomorrow so I can make bank transfers and have the seeds and bulbs sent to me. Yes those 3 bulbs are CFL and I know 6500k is for veg and 2700k for flowering but I can't afford to get any more bulbs so I will have to use all of them at all stages. Note that I am getting an Auto.

    About the T5. Can't I just screw it in a home bulb socket? I mean it is screwable but I am worried it might not work. The size of the screw is regular, E27. Here is a pic of the bulb.
  4. That's a cfl grow light, is what it looks like to me. T-5's come in tubes. If that indeed is a T-5, it's the first I've seen of it. Yes u can screw that into a regular socket. Can't wait to see ur pics when u update. Good luck bro.
  5. Thanks man. I was just worried because in the description it said Shape: Spiral T5 and since it's my first time I was kinda worried and I didn't know much about it :p
  6. Hrmmm where did you find that beauty of a flower bulb?  Online or local?
    Funny thing is that I found it online from a store from my home town :p But I really doubt they ship international. Unless you are from Greece.

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