CFL Stealth Dresser *First Grow*

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by Tony31425, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. So I first want to say wuddup and what not...this is my first grow ever and any feedback is positive for me. I plan on using CFL's due to security and financial issues. My Grow space is a L 3'x W 18"x H 3'4" hollowed out dresser. I have been a part of GC for about a yr. now and all I've done was read, read, read everything I wanted to know about growing...this is the very first time I have posted ANYTHING on why not make it a journal...

    I plan on using the Scrog technique to maximize yield/light...I figured the standard 1 plant per square foot ordeal given my growing standards. So on a safe side I plan on Scrogging at most 2-3 plants in my dresser. More than likely 2. I have multiple cpu fans hooked up by old cell phone chargers in there already for venting/circulation...I plan on getting a 1/4'' thick piece of particle board or something and then attaching the dresser drawers on it to make it look like a dresser still when i attach the hinges for the "door." This is also going to be a soil grow. More pics to come...






    Thanks again for any criticism.

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