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CFL smells a little funny

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by aroach31291, Sep 12, 2010.

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    I received my 250W 8U CFL today and I just noticed after taking a shower that it is emitting a strange burning smell. I doubt it would catch fire or anything, but is it possible it smells because it is brand new, as in it needs to "burn" in for some time, or is it defective (I doubt it because it's been on for 6 hours and been fine)?

    Has anyone else had an issue with CFL's stinking?

    PS: It's not very strong, you can't notice it unless you leave the room and come back in after about a minute, even then, it's a mild smell.
  2. One time, I was playing World Of Warcraft in my home office and thought I smelled something burning... just slightly. I initially thought, "i'm pwning those newbs so hard" and my computer was just rocking the smell of pwnage.

    Well, then the smell got very strong... toxic, electrical, weird, funky smell. The CFL bulb was in the bathroom and was SHOOTING out smoke like crazy! It was like a cancer causing, toxic fumes, smoke machine. I turned the light off, held my breath and opened windows to get the fumes out of the place.

    That's my story. Hope yours is ok. I can't say I've noticed smells of a CFL any other time.
  3. it might be because its new but still keep your eye on it bro
  4. CFL's put off a poisonous gas/smell. We'll all find out in several years after we've all been exposed over long periods.
  5. When mine turn off they glow green for a few seconds

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