Cfl Royal Dwarf - First Grow

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  1. Hello everybody
    After watching people grow for a long time i decided to take a step and grow a little plant too :) The reason i post my grow is so that people will know about royal dwarf the strain i am growing as i have only seen two or three full grows about this strain, so not much info out there, and for you to help me with your knowledge [​IMG]

    • My growbox
    My growbox is very tall (2 meters 6.5 feet) but very narrow. It was originally a cd case so you can imagine that space is small in there. The reason for this is that it has to be hidden and this is the only place i could find and works! Believe me!

    • My Equipent
    I am using 2 cfl lights. I will give exact wattage when i can. They might not sound much but so far they do their job nicely and i am currently use only 1 of them. My soil is all mix by BioBizz and the butrients i use are biobizz's biogrow and biobloom. The temperatures in the box are around 25-28C (77-83F).

    • My Grow
    Being eager to begin growing i made the mistake to start before i would go on holidays but in the end it did not affected growth very much. As long as i was gone i left a bottle dripping next to the plant so it could have water and it being a baby plant i thought it would suffice.

    • The problem
    A couple of days back a leaf was burned, literally burned. It is like it was under the sun for days and yet the light is too far away and the plant in every other aspect is as healthy as it gets for first time at least. One possible reason i could find is that i dropped water with nutrients on it and it was burned but still i think it is unlikely. \t\t\t\t\t\t

    I can not seem to be able to upload pictures. I have them all in my photo gallery if someone needs to see but whan i upload them here they are just too big. Anyway thank you for your interest in my grow.

  2. i m growing 4 royal dwarf babys my seeds srproud today ;D please uploade some photos of your grow cheers
  3. Hello man, the thread did not generate any interest so i stopped writing in this forum but if you want to see i will gladly upload them. Note this is a first time grow and the space is limited so nothing special is going on but i hope you can get a rough idea about the plant.

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  4. And the rest of them because i could not upload them all in one post. Right now i am in the 5th week since it sprouted, since it is an auto i do not know the exact day it started flowering so i can not tell :confused:

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  5. And she is doing better than ever :)

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  6. great job! keep up the good work, you'll reap your reward soon enough
  7. looks great thus far....when did you start them?
  8. Thank you all!! Right now she is at week 6 since she sprouted :)
  9. Some more pics. I thought that something was wrong with her she had not grown in some time but she started again :)

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  10. I'm just finishing up my cab now and have 3 fem Royal Dwarf's in the post. Very interested in seeing how yours progresses!

    Which lights are you using? Total Watts?

    Looking very good so far! It will be my first grow and seeing this shit has got my excited!

  11. Hehe to be honest that is what i did too before i started this little project.
    I have one and a half weeks more to harvest. The lights I used were 2 cfls one 23 watts and one 32 watt both warm white 2700k. I surely needed more wattage but it turned out ok like this too. I will purchase one 125 watt cfl tomorrow. Good luck with your grow i hope everything goes very smoothly :)
  12. looks good, i would wait a little longer to chop her..
    what week is she on?
    the pistils are still pretty white from what i saw in that last picture.
    do you have a ne pic?

    keep up the good work, should be some fire.
  13. Thanks. I am not set on cutting her then it is just that i think i will. I will upload photos when i can, right now one of my bulbs was burned and i will have to replace her with a new one tomorrow. Although from seing it today it seems much darker now :)
    Anyway if you could see from photo and help me out i would be grateful to you.
  14. nice job!!! keep it up!!
  15. Great work, I can't wait to see how this one turns out!
  16. Hello guys, been a long ime since i posted something but one of my bulbs died and i thought that it would be bad for my money to spend one a same one since i wanted to change, so i invested in a 125 watt cfl... which is HUGE
    If you have read previous posts you'd know my set up is very narrow in space, tall and narrow so i do not have the option to mount it horizontally so i decided to kind of hang it like the ones before :p. Could you please inform me if you find something wrong with the way i have secured it. I think it is ok but more feedback is better :)
    Anyway i am thinking of using only grow nutes for 5 more days and then flush for 4-5 days then chop what do you all think??
    (First Photo is from 1 of october second from 4th)

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  17. you only get a small amount of light off the end, most is thrown to those long sides, which is why people mount them sideways and throw a reflector on the other end :/
  18. Yeah i know man but i can do nothing about it my space does not allow me to put it horizontally. Also my space is too small that most of the light gets reflected pretty well and i have no issues this far.
  19. [quote name='"thecreatorst"']Yeah i know man but i can do nothing about it my space does not allow me to put it horizontally. Also my space is too small that most of the light gets reflected pretty well and i have no issues this far.[/quote]

    Put a hood on it. With a hood on, it will redirect the light to bare down on the plants.
  20. looking good man.

    what if you could make like a cone shape out of some foil or something?
    that would push the light down?
    i had that same kind of light, so i know what u have to work with.. bigh frickin light. haha..

    hope you figure something out, or that your plant dont mind..
    good luck buddy

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