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  1. Hey GC, i have a question bout cfls. Is soft white red spectrum and bright white blue? or do i hav it mixed up? thanx in advance.
  2. soft white = 2700K which is red spectrum for flowering
    daylight = 6500K which is blue spectrum for veg.
  3. Read Kamel's sticky.
  4. I got a buddy who uses that same exact fan with for his carbon scrubber and a pc intake fan. I don't notice it making much noise be he has a dehumidifier in his room that overpowers any noises in his stealth grow box.
  5. Thats great to here man, thanx. so if i just turned on another fan thats like out in the open people would just think it was that fan?
  6. Ya that's what I'm thinking
  7. That fan is designed to boost existing airflow and may not be adequate depending on your scrubber from my research here on GC. How big is your grow space?
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    dude, look at the product reviews for that fan (on the same link you gave) the average is 1.5 stars out of 5. lots of people had problems with it.

    ""This fan, not easily installed, is a pitiable performer. I could not tell any significant increase in duct output in either heating or cooling. In all fairness, it might work better with 6" ducting and the 6" fan , but with a 4" it is too little to tell." "

    i wouldnt go for it. i'd get a cheap tt100. (infact i have a cheap tt100 lol)
    even cheaper on ebay.
  9. my grow room is in a 2x2 box i built to look like a speaker, and thanx for that link man, i prolly shouda read the reviews first.ha
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    Dude thats reviews for a home. To push air through out the entire house a 4inch duct fan wont do shit. You need to wire it yourself that's the only problem. However that link you posted looks like a very nice blower. I might give that one a shot myself.

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