CFL Organic autoflowering grow experiment. beginner.

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  1. Hi :wave:. just after feedback really lol. she is three and a half weeks and showed sex a few days ago so not long to go. will keep updated and any feedback or comments are well appreciated. thanks




  2. Hi. just to update a bit. i got my dates wrong and she is actually three weeks today. been showing sex for nearly two weeks now. very pungent smell already and is 9 inches tall. with being an autoflowering strain of some sort i never topped it so am very pleased that the side branching has managed to catch up. still organic. no ferts ive no experience with autos so am just wondering if she is on target. anyhelp or comments well appreciated. thanks




  3. lookin good boddy!
  4. just another update. doing very well. drinking tons of water and is now 14" tall. all sidebranches have still kept equal to the main cola. hope she looks ok guys lol?????? she is now 27 days




  5. Yours look mahvelous.

    Keep up the good work.
  6. How much light are you using? Where'd you get those seeds?

    Looking GREAT! Can't wait to see the yield.
  7. from one newbie to another, that is one sweet looking plant! keep it up mate :)
  8. hey. thanks for the comments guys. its just a seed from a friend. a wee mess about until i can get my train wreck and white widow scrog on the go. i have to wait til the landlord fits a new kitchen in a couple of month as those ladies will smell......a lot. its just a wee organic low budget grow so have two 125 watt red specrtum cfls over head. that's why I'm chuffed all the side branches caught up and can get as much light as the main cola. i have a hps but thought i would save it for now and see what 250 watts of cfl could produce. hopefully find out in about 6 weeks. cheers again folks :)

  9. That plant is 27 days old?
    Its hard for me to believe.:confused:
  10. yeah. have just checked the dates on the camera and to day she is 29 days. she is an autoflowering type so grows quick. i used a blue spectrum cfl to veg her for two weeks first. no ferts only an organic nitrozyme growth enhancer at two weeks of veg. that stuff works wonders as u can see. little issue with the lights being a tad close as leaf ends were curling but lifted the lights 2 cm. i can post more pics of the vegging if u like. she was a very profuce grower. ive grown before but this is my first autoflowering variety. and prob my last as the train wreck and widow seeds are here :)

  11. I'd love to see more.

    What is the nitrozyme growth enhancer.

    Why your last autoflowering type?
  12. hi guys. she is coming along very nicely now. just finishing preflowering now really so expecting a boom in growth lol. today she is 36 days. nearly finished stretching. she is now 26" tall. also attached is a picture of the nitrozyme. just something i had left from older grows.




  13. Dude! That is one amazing grow! ;) What strain are the seeds?
  14. sorry i dont know what strain the seed was sadly. just an autoflowering seed a friend had.
  15. well. a bit of a problem over the last couple of days. the leaves have been getting lighter at the top and on the older fan leaves. i thought it was heat as its organic and is hopefully getting no nutes. sorted the heat and it has got worse. she is in a two gallon pot so may have ran out of essential nutes? the leaves have been streching very hard for the light so i have gaave her a good watering. my question i suppose is, is this a nutrient deficiency cause surely it cant be over furtilization? should i flush and use an organic even npk furtilizer at 1/4 strenght to begin with? Any help much appreciated........quick hopefully lol. hope i can catch this in time.




  16. well some yellowing IS normal, that's just the process of it flowering, usually just the bottom fan leaves, top ones? then yea, you might have just a little nitrogen deficiency, you can keep it organic by just adding some guano and not liquid fertilizers, but btw, great looking plant! made my mouth salivate
  17. aw excellent. yeah i want to keep it organic. im interested to see what yeild is like lol. also taste and how clean it burns! ok. ill away and get some organic ferts or guano. preferably the later but if not an even npk fert should be ok. thanks for ur help. anymore comments well appreciated. just wanna learn learn learn. only so much a book can tell u. its the practicing u learn from lol. thanks again.
  18. Hi daddytoak..start off it looks great :D
    I am a total noob, never grown before but do you think you could send me a quick PM explaining what soil, size pot, the surroundings its in, how to germinate a quick, brief guide how to get exactly what you've got?

    Either way, very nice and im MIGHTY jealous :p
  19. hi guys. a little update. has been a while sorry. she is now 7 weeks today and is growing nicely. the ferts never sorted her out really but there is still mega bud growth and smell. the old fan leaves are starting to go yellow badly but she only has three weeks left. and being organic im happy at the rate its going. pistils are starting to turn brown so will start keeping an eye on trichs in a week or so. crystal production looks average but for an unknown strain looks like it could be a beauty. what ya think guys????????????:hello:
    3 weeks or less????????????





  20. hi guys. small update. ill try post pics later. the pistils have started t go brown. prob about ten percent so i reckon a week and a half / two weeks and i can chop this girl. prob at 80 to 90 percent brown pistils. i feel people harvest too early following the milky and amber trich method. depends on what stone ur after i suppose but i like a couchy knockout stone lol. definately not be long. yellowing very quickly now which ive heard autoflowering strains do more quickly due to rapid growth? pics up soon my friends. any excuse t spend time smelling and adoring her before lights out lol.

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