cfl or hps

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by the bear smokey, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I was just wanting to know, if you can veg and flower with a HPS light or do you need to 2 seperate lights...also would 150watt HPS be good for 1 plant?
  2. Yes you can veg just fine with HPS, and your plant(s) will grow far faster than with CFLs. I veg with a 150 watt HPS and it works very well. I would never switch to anything else. As far as flowering with a 150 hps, yes that will work fine. In such a low wattage grow you will want to make canopy control the highest priority in order to use every last bit of light that you can from that lamp. Either scrog or lst in order to maintain a flat and even canopy. I'd still use a single CFL though. Get a 23-26 watt CFL and use that from seedling until you have a couple leaf sets. Once the plant outgrows the CFL then you can switch to the HPS. You can use the HPS the whole time, but it's just a waste of energy to use it on a tiny little seedling.
  3. hey thank you for the answer. I just did not wanna buy a 150watt hps and its just good for flowering. I want a light that I can use both for veg and flower. I am a 1st time grower. I have 1 plant, its a silver haze. Its about 8inches tall. I been trimming the top, so its short but bushy.

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