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  1. This is now my fourth indoor grow. I have grown CFL every time, producing between 1-3oz of airy mildly -dank bud. I am going to invest in an HPS soon enough, waiting to find out the sex of this young babe. 
    Just flipped to 12/12 today after 28 days of veg. 


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  2. Hey mang, welcome to GC! Nice colour on your leaves, how many watts of CFL are we talking about? Also, just out of curiosity, how far do you usually have the cfl's from the top of the plant(s)?
    Also, don't go HPS in the middle of the summer, go LED :)
  3. thanks for the warm welcome! I haven't really researched LED's ill  have to look into it.
    I have 9-23W right now about 6inches from the tops
  4. Figured I should update this, mainly for my own sake and staying on task i suppose. I upgraded and got a 150w hps light, keeping 6 cfl's. I am currently 3 week into flowering. I have noticed little sacks forming with seeds, not sure how or whats going on so im waiting it out for now. 

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  5. Ball sacks usually mean hermy. Is your tent light tight?

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  6. Not typically hermie, you got a dude
  7. Edit:

    I took a closer look and @week was right. Hermie. At least you'll have seeds for the next grow :)
  8. They only are located underneath where the leaves are in single pockets, some have pistils coming out. I've been keeping a close eye on the buds forming and I don't see any signs of seeds tho. 

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