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  1. Ok well I am gonna start my first grow journal.I havn't tried to grow since I was a teenager. So you could say this is gonna be my first real grow.

    I am in the process of building my flowering cab. but I am gonna use the same cab right now for the veg cycle. Once I get clones from known females I will make a veg cab too.

    current cab it 1 1/2 ft by 4 ft and is 6 ft tall.

    I plan on using 3 gal grow bags to fit my plants in there. Pots or buckets wont fit the desired amount in there and the bags are cheap.

    I am sprouting all my germinating seeds right now. 10 total. I am using a mix of manure humus and moss. 50/50 ratio.

    I am using CFL to start my veg period and I plan on veging for 6 weeks. Hopefully harvest will be around new years. I am gonna have around 20 cfls in the cab.

    I want to use the 4 way lst with topping to increase my potential yeild and to keep an even canopy so my light will not be wasted as much. I see alot of people doing natural grows with cfl and I think I will def. get more use of the light with lst.

    When i transplant I plan on going rigt into the 3 gal bags so I can start the lst. I think that will be more efficient for the lst. plus if I do get rootbound I can just add another bag to the bottom and no need to transplant.

    I do have mylar to line my cab in and I have a 6 in inline exhaust fan for venting. 250 cfm. I will create a carbon scrubber closer to flowering.
    I am gonna sart off with some weak nutes. 5-1-1.

    I plan on buying some fox farms for nutes. I still gotta pick up my nutes and a ph tester.

    I will post pics of the cab soon. I just want to finish it before I display it.

    I figure I will need help and hense the journal. Tell me what you think so far.

    Will it be smart to lst to increase yeild and efficiency from the cfls?

    Sorry this is my first post but there will be more to come.

    Tell me what you think. Also this is low budget till harvest. I dont want to spend alot untill I get the basics down.:smoking:
  2. With the CFL's there is another way to go you can try and use the SCROG method. Basically it creates a canopy form only a couple of plants. Look for it in the Advance growing forums. Im still trying to decide if thats what im going to go for or what. Since my last two attempts at growing failed.

  3. I too am thinking of adding a screen once I start to flower. It depends on what my plants will look like at that time(size) if I should put in a screen. too early to tell. plus I will have to weed out any males first. but Scrogs do look promising.
  4. [​IMG]

    Here is the start.
  5. awful lot of plants for them lights,my opnion is more room,and more lights ,if possible throw a fan in there,line
  6. go buy yaself some of them y adapters and some more lights,if at all possible get the larger cfl bulbs,the 65watt ones
  7. Nice start! How many of those are you planning keeping assuming you get your quota of females?

  8. Well I have more room and more lights. I do have a fan in there. but this is just a temp. location till my cab is built. I have bore lights already on hand but what you are looking at is about 1 sq foot. and I am already running 6 lights on a 24 hour cycle. any more lights for that little space seems to be overkill and a wast of energy.

  9. I already bought 8 y adapters. just waiting till I need the. I don't think I have to add more lights this second. As far as the 65 watt cfls, it isnt in my budget at the moment. Plus I will need more flowering bulbs later on down the road. the flowereing bulbs are cheaper then the veg bulbs. So I am trying to spend money wise. Dont want to buy something and wast money. plus if I get a bad bulb I am out more money too. These are the 27 watt ones.

    when all said and done I should have 100 watts per sq foot.

  10. Whatever comes out female I am keeping. The more the better. What I am wondering is what I can expect from this grow style in the end. I have seen alot of grows with cfl but most don't use training or top/fim. I see that most get about an ounce a plant. So I am clueless what to expect in the end. Guess I got something to look forward to.
  11. Yo just be carful it looks as if one of the bulb are bout to come loose and fall on a cup of life there. Please be carful.

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