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  1. Okay guys it me again with some more questions for all of you guys.First i would like to say that i am learning a shit load from you guys about growing much thanks.I am reading about all the different aspects of growing an creating me a guide to go by i just have a few questions about lighting . I am planing on using cfl lights an alot of guys say I can buy them at home depot so which wattage an lumnes do I need. I will be growing 4 plants using a dwc setup .:confused:
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    i got mine at wal-mart.

    as i did with most of my setup lol.

    but you want two spectrums of light.

    2500k and 6500k you can combine them but 6500k during veg is best.

    as per lumens they dont put out much and the best lumen output is the one you want.

    but remember to look for the Kalvin rating.

    which is 6500k it will say it somewhere.

    but i got 4 packs for like 15$ i think. so i got one of each.

    if your growing 4 plants your gonna need atleast 400 actual watts. not equivalent watts.

    and if your buying 26watt's you'll need alot of them.

    they also have really big cfls that are 100w's but are equivalent to like a 250w i think.

    not sure on those as i use small ones.

    if you can find 5500k those are super good aswell.

    then your gonna need socket adapters for plugs.

    which are like a dollar each at wall mart.

    then your gonna need either surge protectors orrr a bunch of extension cords.

    id go with surge protectors.

    then your gonna need soil.


    it will kill your plant.

    my journal in my sig is a cfl grow and its growing great
  3. i believe youll need at least 2000 lumens to start your grow for one plant.
    i am currently running two 26 watt cfls and i plan to add a 68 watter when she starts to flower. this is proof that you dont need 100 watts per plant although it is a very good rule of thumb.

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