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  1. I plan on doing a semi micro grow. 8 week cycle. no veg time. I'll be growing 16 plants, 256 cubic inches, 2 rows of 8 plants, or 32"x8". I want to make a hanging fixture using only cfls and perhaps a 60w hps or something. I'm trying to steer clear of ballasts for this project. Any suggestions for a cfl settup?
  2. You can use either the bathroom strip lights that would go above a vanity...hold 3-6 CFL's depending on style, and cost is low...$15-30 before bulbs. Or you can use the ceiling fan light kit modules that hold 3-4 CFL's ...and are on the cheap as well.

    Those are my two cents worth this early in the a.m.

  3. just go to a thrift store, garage sale, walmart, or pic n save (no big lots) and look at the lamps. you can find virtually anything, tons of styles, and not that expensive. all the wiring and such is housed in the lamnp, just plug it in and customize it for your box/closet.

    i found the 5-light "spider light" that a few people on here have used for 25 bucks at Big Lots (pic n save). also got 4 cfl's for 3bucks. no joke.
  4. Hardmount the lights on top......and move the plants a set-up that looks like steps ...and sit the pots on the steps and move them down as they grow
    CK the grow in my SIG...mount yer' lights like that

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