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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by yohan, Mar 30, 2012.

  1. So In addition to my pc fan question which i posted like 30 sec ago, I have but another inquiry. CFL bulbs... so there are these bulbs and amazon calls them "full-spectrum" or sometimes I see "pure white light". What so these mean? Any suggestions for bulb brands or types or a specific bulb i should get LOL
  2. Read the stick at the top of the forum page here. It covers tha various types of commonly used CFL bulbs.
  3. 2700k for flower
    5500-6500k for veg

  4. Of course I would read it first :) but those phrases arent in the thread so when I saw them on amazon they threw me off cuz I felt i read a good amount to know what to get. then scumbag amazon spits this heresy and im just confused now. of course there is always the possibility that those phrases dont mean ish haha
  5. i use 2700k soft white cfls for flowering
    and 5500k to 6500k day light cfls for vegging
  6. The Amazon link in your post just brought up the Amazon home page when I clicked on it. For CFL`s for veg you want to use daylight CFL`s that are as close to 6500k as possible. For flowering you want the 2700k cfl bulbs. Some people use a mixed spectrum and thats fine as long as its I think a 3-1 ratio of 6500k to 2700k cfls and vice versa for flowering.
  7. Hey Yohan check out Kamels Cfl's thread it may be able to better answer your question regarding cfls

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