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  1. Yesterday I finished wiring one of my lighting setups. It consits of a sheet of MDF with holes drilled in it, 3 x 100w plastic bayonet bulb holders (will be holding between 14/60W bulbs) and 2 x E27 ceramic holders which hold between 30/100W bulbs. The holders are wired in parallel straight to the mains running at 240V AC. The gauge of the wire I have used is 2.5sqmm (Seemed thicker than average when I bought it). I actually dont know if this is the gauge but it was the most prominent number in the cables description (I really wish I could do some form of electricians course after this). Oh, and I've used screw terminals to connect the wires.

    This setup will be driving 200W of assorted bulb types. Probably 1 x 100W, 1 x 30W, 1 x 60W and 2 x 14W.

    These are all of the details that I can provide (as of now). I will upload some pictures later. Does anyone know If i run risk of burning or blowing anything. It all looks to be working fine at the moment. I hope to put my seedlings under them today and won't be around to keep an eye on them so I would like to know if the setup is safe?

  2. Okay so, I looked more into it. If the wattage is 200 and the voltage is 240 the current should be a little under 1A. My circuit length is only around 2M so I should be okay with a gauge of 14 (AWG) which turns out to be 2.08sqmm. So.. should my thicker gauge of 2.5sqmm be all cool?
  3. So I went ahead and popped my seedlings into some peat pots (They are probably way too small for lowryder 2s) and left 100w 6400k and 30w 2700k running over them. I figured that there shouldn't be too much risk if no one has screamed at me yet. Attached some photos:

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  4. Im guessin ur in ireland?
  5. Haha, close but dead on. What gave it away?
  6. You should wire the bulbs to individual sockets, you can buy the sockets with cord that are able for the power, and buy a power surge extension cord, most are rated at maximum 3100watts.

    The fittings you have, just like me are rated at 100watts max, the strongest bulb you have is 100, so that will be good. Then all the other bulbs are rated lower but the fittings can take 100, so they will be good.

    Count up all the watts you are using lights fans and stuff, and it will total no where near 3100watts. All the plugs have their own fuses so if anything happens they will just blow, and the power suger protecter just for backup.

    I know a lot to read, but thats wat i done cos like you i was freaked out bout leavin the house.

    Check my posts you will laugh when you see it.
  7. I cant find the fittings i see everyone with and like you i had to get them standard
    fittings and used the MDF boards. Poxy country. You get the MDF in Woodies? lol
  8. To lower the lights i just cut some cardboard bent it to shape poke the fitting through and duct tape it to the walls.
  9. That way i can place them under any part of the plant i want
  10. My first post i said to wire to individual sockets DONT DO THIS
    I meant individual plugs.
  11. Yeah, I had to do some amount of searching around the place to find suitable parts. After I bought all of my bulbs I ended up finding 6400k 60W bulbs for 20quid really close to my place. I could have started weeks ago if i had known about um.

    To do with lowering the bulbs- I have two thin wooden strips duct taped to the sides of the cabs. So i can raise and lower the thing whenever.

    Nah, Woodies is expensive as fuck. I got the MDF in B&Q. They cut the stuff up to spec for free. shit is awesome.

    My watts are only going to be up around the 400/500mark so i'm thinking i should be grand with the setup.

    Thanks for all the help yo!! Fingers crossed my house isn't burned to the ground by the time I get home. Will have to keep an eye on the news
  12. No bother. Ill be back to see how their doin. :smoke:
  13. Had a hard time finding bulbs too. Just another 2 30watt 6500k bulbs to go but wont need them till in full veg.

    Any nutes in mind?
  14. Actually, you'd be a good person to ask about nutes. Whenever I see people talking about soil mixes and nutes they always seem to be bought in grow shops. Do you know if I could pick something tasty in an ordinary garden centre? All I have at the moment is standard multipurpose compost and Gee-up horse manure. Used the multi-purpose stuff just for the seedlings.
  15. For ventilation I went to the 2euro shop LOL, and they had these 2" p.c cooling fans for 2euro each bought three and had an old 5v adapter think from and old nokia charger rated at 5v, wired it up and good ventilation for a small box.
  16. Cool yeah. I have two computer fans on their way (bought them on dealextreme - 2euro shop of the internet ftw!!). I also have two huge desk fans I bought in tesco for 7euro a pop. Dunno if i'll need or use them though.
  17. I use Shamrock potting compost the whole time, did an outdoor grow this yr with it, its grand but Irish weather bit shit of a harvest.

    Im still reading on Organic ferts like blood,bone meal and stuff like chicken shit so wouldnt be the person to ask on that.

    I got stuff from the hydro store, and it was the Canna range, bit expensive with all the additives and stuff. Im goin using new stuff much stronger than Canna might not be as good but with a higher N.P.K ratio ill be feeding less.
    Canna has an N.P.K of about 2-4-5 not sure but its low.

    This is the new stuff il be using Jungle Green

    View attachment 750758

    For flowering

    View attachment 750759

    But ill still be using Canna PK13/14 as an addidtive for flowering.
    And unsulphered black molasses to. You can get mollasses in any garden store 5-6 euro maybe.

    Pic of PK 13/14


    Thats about it.

    My neck hurts:eek:
  18. Jungle green for Veg, Better bloom for florwering.

    jungle green.gif

    better bloom.gif
  19. They cost 20 euro each and the PK a 10
  20. Two are after sprouting!! The soil seems to be drying out a lot so I was getting a little freaked. Have been lightly spraying them with water every 8hours or so. They look a little gammy.. but they're only just after popping out through the soil in the last 4hours. Should really move this to grow journal section..

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