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  1. Hey guys, so I finally went out and got me two 300 watt cfl's that put out 4,200 lumens each. Along with my 5 23 watt CFLs that are putting out 1600 lumens each. I have three plants going with a temperature about 84F.
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    If you have anything you think I could add for a better grow please let me know!

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  2. Is that 300 the equivelant watts? Go with the actual watts used. I have 55 watters that put out 3800 lumens
  3. I have two 300 watt CFLs. If I'm correct itd be a total of 600 If you're suppose to add the two together.

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    You go by the watts used not equivalent watts. Either those are the absolute most inefficient bulbs ever or your listing the equivalent watts. think about it your 23 watts Are putting out 1600 lumens each, there's no way it takes an additional 277 watts to only gain 2600 lumens. It would be more efficient to just use 2 more 23 watt bulbs if so. The combined 46 watts would gain you 3200 lumens instead of 277 more wats only gaining 2600 lumens.They would be so inefficient, they wouldn't be worth it. Also a 300 actual watt would be huge.
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    My 55 watt bulb puts out only 400 less lumens than your 300 watt. Does that sound right to you? Those would be terrible bulbs to only put out 4200 lumens at 300 actual watts. Your going by the correct watts on the smaller bulbs but either you got ripped off or your misunderstanding the other bulbs. Don't go by the equivalent or replacement watts go by the energy used or uses only watts. Actual watts used are what we all use to describe cfls.

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    I'm thinking you have around a 68 actual watt bulb by the lumens you listed not 300. I can't find any actual 300 watt cfl anywhere on the net, if so it would be something like 20,000+ lumens and the size of a German Shepard. Its stupid how the bulb companies list things. I think they like confusion.
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    Check out this bulb I found on eBay: you probably have something like this, click on the description and read where it says only 68 watts used. Also you need to make sure you use the correct kelvin rating for each stage of growth. 6500k is for veg. 2700k is for flower it will be listed on the box that the bulbs came in.
  8. random question what do you think of unique hydroponics?

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    That would be a better question for someone else. I have a superponics 8 system that was given to me, it appears to be along the same lines, but my mentor taught me soil and soil is what I'm growing in. The superponics has never been touched. I've been debating switching to the superponics or organic soil. I think I'm going with the organic way, I'm tired of all the nutes and pH bull, going hydroponic would just add to it. I'll probably start picking up the organic supplies to mix my own soil this week. I'll be harvesting soon and looking to make the switch.
  10. thank you for that I'm just trying to see which way I should go I have a small apartment and was thinking an all in one unit would work best for my space rather than piece by piece! For small spaces what would you suggest? I build myself or all in one units? They do sell soil all in one units too!

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  11. That would be something for you too think about. I can definitely see the advantage of an all in one packaged system. I like tinkering around too much. I'm a gadget guy, who puts way too much time into tweeking things, from my truck to my grow op and everything in between I could never be happy with something completely set up by anyone else. I guess its my ocd
  12. I feel the same way I kind of want it to be my own! But thanks for the chat!

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  13. Yep no problem. Good luck in the future and I hope you find what works for you
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    If you want to go soil and save money and avoid the headache of ph, nutes, etc... Go to and pick up their premixed soil - I've watched some water only grows in that soil on this forum that have some fantastic plants growing in them.

    You could do that to start, and then spend some time browsing the organics section of the forum and learning why the soil works so good without bottled nutes - you find out nature has a way of breaking down its own nutrition in a little microbe universe of living organisms - they can give your plant the best nutrition and you avoid any kind of chemical being present in your smokeable herb....

    Building your own soil ends up super cheap in the long haul, and the best quality you can get.

    Think about it :), lots of friendly helpful folks over in those forums,
  15. Once im done with this grow im going organic!

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