CFL for small mother and clones?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Aimzx, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. Hi i am relatively new to growing i have done 5 or 6 autoflowering grows using a hps light in my closet, but now i would like to get into doing normal plants as i am sick of buying seeds and want to make clones, i have a 2x2 and about 3 foot tall cabinet that i want to use to veg a mother or two and about 4 clones at a time, i have a 4 way cfl splitter that i put 2 40w=150w equiv 2600 lumens each 2600k and 2 32 watt 6400k lumens 1600 will this be enough to keep a 1 or 2 mother healthy with clones or will more light be required? the entire cabinet is wrapped in mylar to help with light also any suggestion/feed is appreciated

  2. I have three bell peeper plants and a cherry tomato plant under a 54 watt 4' t5 bulb to keep them alive over the winter and all are doing fine. I've actually cut about 10 clones off of the tomato just to learn how because I've never done it before. You should have no problems with that much light
  3. yes, that's way more than you actually need. I'd replace the 2400 with 6500k
  4. Yea i plan to switch the bulbs soon kinda broke right now tho lol thanks for the info guys

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